Is it Okay to Use Japanese Subtitles? — 4 Comments

  1. What are your thoughts on using subtitles on material that you’re going to afterwards add to an immersion playlist? My feeling at the moment, is if I can increase the comprehension level of my immersion library, that’s surely a good thing?

    • Japanese subtitles in moderation is fine, especially if it helps your immersion. But it also depends on your level. If you are already at a pretty high level, you may want to decrease how often you do this.

  2. What I have done is that I pick specific series where I do not use subtitles and stick to it through the show. Over time I will do this more and more. If I really don’t get something, I just read the scripts for the episode.

    But I notice that when I don’t use subs my comprehension is still pretty high so I am encouraged to use them less! But I would have quit watching stuff if I didn’t use Japanese subtitles at first.

    I can also attest that subtitles helped my reading skills quite a bit. But I also have seen my listening improve, just not as quick.

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