Personal Japanese Advisor — 6 Comments

  1. Signed up for a session. I had heard about the personal advisor service but you had stopped offering it by the time I had discovered your website. Glad you brought it back.

  2. Used the personal advisor and would highly recommend it. I have been going to japaneselevelup for the past 2-3 years and think I had read every article on the site so wasn’t sure how much I’d get out of the session. Adam gave me some customized tips that were very helpful. Hopefully will be able to push forward to a higher level in the next 1-2 years with his help.

  3. I purchased a session and found it really helpful. I’d fallen off track at an advanced level, and Adam was great at targeting my issues and giving various suggestions and pointers to help me move forward with my journey. He even allowed a little overtime at the end to answer a last minute question I had. I fully recommend the personal advisor!

  4. I’ve been an on-again, off-again student of Japanese for…well…a really long time. I have had many teachers and even more advisors, and have done the rounds on countless methodologies. I’m hooked on Jalup but this advisor session with Adam was easily the most valuable hour of advice I’ve ever had. What I appreciated the most is that after I had sent quite a bit of detail about my situation, it was clear he had digested it and put real thought into some recommendations that were tailored to me, not generic. More important is that I’m having more fun studying Japanese now than I have in a very long time. All credit to Adam. p.s. Having read his book before the session was also helpful — I highly recommend it!

  5. Did the Personal Japanese Advisor session with Adam and it was great! You can tell right away that he has a passion with helping you plot your journey to learning Japanese. He answered all my questions that I had and gave some great tips and advice on how to make my studying better. So if you’re someone who’s maybe stuck in a rut or is not sure what to do next I highly recommend giving this a try!

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