Play Time: Japanese & Life — 48 Comments

  1. It´s awesome! One thing is a bit mysterious… Are you still doing to do this in japanese/English still or only English???

  2. The drawings are again very, very good! Now the story is going to be really exaiting! Waiting for more …

  3. Hi! This manga series is very good and fun. Keep it up, this story is getting more interesting. :)

    From a friend from the school.

  4. Thank you all, the next episode is waiting in the wings and will be out soon! It will introduce something we’re all familiar with on this site AND someone screaming… :)

    • Ha ha yes it’s the “Wow, you can read Japanese! Cut to: pile of manga in the bathroom…-effect” :P
      Glad you 〜enjoyed〜 it! 

  5. That’s me on the subway every day. Especially when people sit next to me. Usually it’s one look to the manga, one look to the face, one look to the manga, one look to the face, and finally one look away in wonder.

      • If you mean genre, I love everything from comedy, to battle, to sports, to sci fi, to cheesy romance. And if you mean specifically what am I reading now, I just starting getting into Claymore, 斉木楠雄のψ難, エンゼルバンク, and 僕だけがいない街.

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