At Some Point You Are Going To Lose A Battle — 6 Comments

  1. It’s like playing an RPG, when you fail, sometimes you need to go back and do some level-grinding before moving on again. Losing can also be kind of a level check or even ego check to let you know you need to slow down or change things up or something.

    • Good point. Losing allows you to reassess your own situation and keep you aware of where you are in the level-grinding > challenge > level-grinding > challenge balance.

  2. Ever since I left the warm hands of Jalup beginner I’ve been losing battles. The first few loses were awful but then you get numb to the losses and start to focus on improving. At the moment, my j-j understanding rate is much much higher than it was when I first began intermediate. It gets better I promise

    • No one expects the losses, so it catches everyone off guard. But once you gain ground again, you know what to expect.

  3. I’ve been riding a winning streak because now manga are just a breeze to get through and the novels I have chosen recently have also been easy to get through. But looking just at the news headlines on LINE News has made me have to face a weakness: kanji related to news/current events. But since this is something I want to have in my pocket, it’s time I get ready to lose for a little bit. But I know how I want to fight this battle so I know that eventually I will end up the conqueror.

    • Well said. These losses happen whenever you try a new dungeon. I recently had to learn a bunch of sea transport vocabulary for translation, and I had a few bumps along the way.

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