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  1. Ive let my kanji deck slip pretty bad, and now I have almost every card that ive learned due for review, which is around 700. The problem is I havent got a single card right in a while in there due to the amount of time passed and there are so many cards backed up that I dont get to retry failed cards for a long time. Ive been thinking about trying to manually reset that deck through the export file and then attacking it again from the start, that way each failed card doesnt have 700 items in front of it.

    • If almost every card of the deck is due, and you get almost all of them wrong, then a reset would definitely benefit you. And it’s not like you “lost” what you learned. When you come across kanji that you do indeed remember, you’ll go through them much quicker then your first time around.

      You know that from the settings you can just reset Kanji Kingdom, right? You don’t need to manually do anything.

      • Oh wow I dont know why I didnt try that (-.-;) just reset. And I dont feel like I lost anything! Excited to start from the beginning again.

    • Gonna pile onto Adam’s suggestion! I reset my JALUP decks. Twice. Worked really well – and it just reinforces what you know. If you come across a card you already know, just press “easy”. Don’t go through it too fast. Good luck!

      • Following on from that idea… I’ve been considering something for the Beginner pack, and wanted to get suggestions from those who have been using JALUP for a while (and Adam ; )

        I feel quite confident in a large amount of the beginner pack so considering resetting it, and then learning/reviewing cards audio only (in the hope of improving my listening).

        Has anyone tried, this, is it a worthwhile use of my time?
        Or do you think other activities are superior for improving listening comprehension (e.g. immersion, active listening (+ passive), increased exposure (higher level Jalup decks).

        I use the listen feature to listen to a range of cards when I go for walks (sometime shadowing, sometimes not), but this process doesn’t have the “review/SRS” advantage.

        Thanks all!

        • While I do think it’s an interesting idea, I’m leaning towards thinking you’d be better off keeping that progress and then doing other listening activities.

          However, I haven’t personally heard of anyone trying this. I do know some people have requested a listening-only type of flash card on the app though. So it might work and you can prove me wrong :)

          • Thanks for the reply Adam!

            I think I will try it, I have 200 more cards to go in Intermediate so I am going to finish those off and get to a comfortable review level and then give it a go!

            I’m not sure how well I can measure my progress, so it will be anecdotal I suspect but I’m happy to experiment!

            Will update this post in a couple of months to let you know how it’s going.

            • Sounds good. Experimentation is important, so please do keep us updated.

      • Resetting a deck was one of the most requested early features of the app. So I think a lot of people at one time want to go for a reset.

        • Hi Adam,

          So I’ve been thinking further on this and I have a new plan which won’t break my current JALUP SRS.

          Using a second device I have installed JALUP and started beginner and intermediate.
          My plan was to assess my listening on both. Unfortunately this did not help with beginner as I found all first 100 cards 100% comprehension, not that I am unhappy with that!

          For context, I am a recent JALUP user, and I am at 800/1000 cards on intermediate. I estimate I started Intermediate less than 3 months ago.

          My new plan is to do Intermediate, first 100 cards.
          I am self assessing today, with a SINGLE listen of each card and rating myself as follows (it has been humbling ; ):

          1 Cannot understand sentence at all
          2 Can understand some words in sentence (but not sentence)
          3 I could guess at meaning from words and grammar I recognise
          4 I have a good comprehension but not 100% confident in meaning
          5 Total comprehension of sentence
          (Point 5 is “based on my understanding at my level from reviewing cards previously”)

          I will then review the deck (without audio) and do a side-by-side assessment (based on one read (as much as that is possible))

          After all that, I am going to start SRS based on single listens of the cards for reviews (see next point) and then plan to perform interim “tests” same as the original self assessment (question below).

          To help me maintain single reviews on cards, I have come up with…
          1. Use “cards remaining” on “Flip” button
          1. Set reviews to daily
          2. Enable audio on review
          3. Do the days reviews once
          4. Disable audio on review
          5. Set “failed” cards to lowest possible interval.

          If anyone has suggestions/tweaks happy to hear them.

          One question I have, on the interim tests.
          I was thinking of testing myself weekly, but now I’m considering monthly, do you think weekly would be too often?

          I’ll keep you updated here.

          All the best, and thanks for the encouragement.

          • Sounds like a good plan you have set up there.

            As for testing period, see which motivates you more. If you find doing them weekly gets annoying and feels more like a drag on your studying, then push them to monthly.

            • I mean to post my update here, but accidentally posted it in the main thread.

              It starts “Update after two weeks.”

  2. I’m knocking down a wall of 560 reviews on wanikani right now. It’s a really big task, but I will finish this wall off. I’m sure of it.

  3. Anki lets you put an upper limit on how many review you do each day. I’ve found that setting decks with high reviews to a max of 30 a day helps make it /look/ more manageable. Once I get through that 30, I “increase today’s review limit” by 30. Rinse and repeat until the reviews are all gone. I’ve found that it’s an effective method of tricking yourself into looking at the mountain and seeing just a molehill.

  4. Update after two weeks.

    In the end I changed my mind again. Since finding out I can install JALUP Maximum on a second device as part of owning it (Thanks Adam!) I have gone back to beginner.

    I ignored the first 100 or so cards which I found easy
    I tested the next 50 (Batch A)
    I tested the 50 after that (Batch B – Control set)

    For two weeks I have been SRS’ing Batch A and today I tested my comprehension.
    This table shows the CHANGE in rating (positive numbers good) (rating is 1-5)

    Rating Count
    -2 2
    -1 2
    0 19
    1 18
    2 8
    3 1

    As you can see, apart from a few outliers, I have improved on over half of the cards.

    I put this down to:
    1. Recent familiarity with the cards
    2. A genuine increase in listening comprehension

    Overall, I am happy with this first assessment.

    I feel I am benefiting from the instant feedback following a listening review and I am coming to understand the “gaps” in my listening comprehension
    – words/phrases that sound similar
    – tendency to miss words if I hit a word I can’t instantly recognise early on in the sentence
    – training my brain to digest “chunks”

    My expectation is that this skill will improve over time, but I feel having a better understanding of it will accelerate my learning.

    Finally, what about that control deck, well I tested that too and these are my results:
    Rating Count
    -2 2
    -1 9
    0 28
    1 6
    2 5

    Nothing to write home about yet :)
    Notes, I am self-assessing and restricting myself to one listen so distractions etc. can cause wild fluctuations. Still… I am interested to see if I see marked improvements on cards I am not reviewing as time goes on.

    Finally, I am going to keep adding more cards to the SRS (after taking a baseline assessment) as and when it’s comfortable.

    Will check back in a few weeks when I have more data points!

    • Another quick update,

      Since my last post I added in another 50 beginner cards and I have just done a sample listening test and I believe the results are positive.

      I have seen an increase in (self-rated) comprehension of over half of these additional 50 cards. Additionally it *feels* like I’m improving when I do listening reviews.

      On balance, the amount of extra time required to do these reviews is fairly minimal, I believe the time is (currently) worthwhile.

      The time sap is when I review all (currently 150 cards) to check my progress.

      In summary, I think this is a good use of my time, as listening is something I really want to improve on in 2020!

  5. * Update *
    Formatting of tables did not go as expected so here’s a CSV

    Batch A

    Batch B (Control)

  6. The most recent anki update broke something so now all 1423 cards are due (half Kanji, half vocab). Looking at Gareth, this is a good time to learn the Japanese keyword, not just an English one in my kanji deck.

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