The Rage To Master Japanese — 11 Comments

  1. I’ll be Ginyu! I haven’t been able to put into words my desire to learn japanese (and web programming too, unrelated but it’s the same), but now you just gave me the words for it; I have a rage to master those 2 things!

  2. 俺様この野郎!I just hit level 40 (5000 sentences) yesterday after furious, yet steady learning of 15 new words a day.

    Goal: Be able to interview with a Japanese Engineering Firm (Hitachi, Nakano, Obayashi, etc.) and land a job by the time I graduate university in December without having ever been to Japan.

    Today marks the first day of ramping up to 20 new words a day in an effort to achieve level 55 by October.

  3. I can be Jeice, as long as I don’t have to paint myself red… Besides, isn’t he the guy who survived the longest?

  4. ギニュー特戦隊!

    I’ll be Burter, I guess. Super fast speed is pretty cool and all that. But wasn’t he the first to be taken out by 孫悟空?

    Anyway, yes, I’m super motivated. Funnily enough, even if I get sick of everything else in my life (hobby wise), Japanese is always there and as interesting as ever.

    Thanks for the article, it was a really good read!

  5. I’m on this site because I like to check out what Japanese learners are doing these days. Does that count somehow? I’ll be something completely unrelated like the turtle on Master Roshi’s island.

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