Randomly Enjoying New Japanese with Weblio — 6 Comments

  1. I think one of the many reasons why my English reached native-like is because I used to read the dictionary for fun. I’m doing this with Japanese right now (enjoying the j-j dictionary). Things can get confusing and overwhelming sometimes but I keep coming back to it since it’s fun.

    Weblio also has a thesaurus: which is also an amazing resource. Sometimes the j-j dictionary definitions are hard to grasp, I turn to the thesaurus. I didn’t know you could do that with weblio. Time to random lol.

    • Yeah, I regret not appreciating the fun a dictionary can provide sooner. Weblio is all powerful!

      Enjoy your random adventure

    • I still prefer Goo, though they probably draw from the same source material.

      However, for any kind of translation work (where you need a J-E dictionary), Weblio is my go to dictionary.

  2. The “random” feature on Weblio is game changing!!! After 7-8 clicks, I found the first random word I was interested in, and that was definitely a good way to both learn a new word and reviewing a bunch of other kanjis! It definitely fuels my Japanese learning desire, I really feel that.
    Thank you very much for this article!

    • It’s more fun than you expected, right?

      To some people at first it may sound unappealing, but after giving it a try you may be surprised.

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