Why you Should Read and Watch Overlord — 20 Comments

  1. I really want to read overlord, but struggled with kindles sample chapter for it. I think after I finish The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and 夜の化け物と which are at that perfect “1 unknown words every other sentence or so” level I’ll try again: it’s a super cool concept!

    • Yeah, it’s a tough read. Watching the anime first though might help a bit with it. But you might want to wait till you are higher level.

      • Do you happen to have any recommendations on books that are easier that still have the “fantasy” vocabulary that acts as a bit of a barrier to Overlord? Because as soon as I can smash through junk food fantasy novels there won’t be any stopping me. lol

        • I found Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 easier to read, and there is also a very popular anime to follow along with it.

        • Light Novels released by “ファンタジア文庫” have more furigana support and usually an easier level of vocab than things like Overlord/Log Horizon (I own both and they feel like they’re at a similar level, maybe Log Horizon is a touch easier). I’ve been enjoying 金色の文字使い. Its in the genre of being summoned to another game-like fantasy world and gaining a unique and powerful ability.

          With how extensive the world-building is, anything that overlaps fantasy with a genre you’re more familiar with will be useful as a build up.

  2. Overlord is a lot more exciting and appealing (for war-fans). Best feature is the anime follows the novel. Therefore, watch the anime first to get those character voice and visual concepts. This multi-series; anime, manga, novel, is the best introduction for new and unexperienced audiences.

    • Yes, I agree. It’s really nice to have the same story in so many different formats (that appeal to people of different levels of Japanese)!

  3. Yeah ive seen overlord season 1n2 and log horizan season 1n2 and read the manga of overlord and id have to say log horizan is easier but overlord is better

  4. I loved the anime so much I went out and got the kindle versions of the book. I bought the first novel in the series but quickly realized what I wanted was to read what happened next where the anime left off. I forget which volume that is now but I got that instead. It was a bit hard. If I read it on the kindle and lookup most of the unknown words I get a much better understanding of what’s going on but the going was so slow that I stopped that and just dumped it into Dream Voice and listened to it instead. But focusing on it was hard and so I ended up reading an English fan translation online :(. Then I listened to it in Japanese. But I think I’d really benefit from just reading it.

    • Did you say English translation!?!

      You might be better off just starting from the beginning with the novels, since you are already familiar with the story. Diving right into it from where the anime left off will leave a lot of confusion, on top of all the difficult Japanese.

      And it’s a lot of fun to see everything the anime didn’t include.

      • heh yeah. I consider my Japanese pretty good and I haven’t fallen back to the English translation of anything (or subs etc.) for a long time but this story was too good and too hard :(. I know I did study some new vocabulary etc., despite this so maybe it’ll go smoother now. I’ll take your advice and give the first volume a shot. Are the novels on Audible unabridged versions of the originals or abridged adaptations?

        • Unabridged. The Overlord novels on Audible are very long and split up into 2 sections 上 and 下 per volume.

  5. 我が至高の御身アダム様よ、この素晴らしきアニメのことをお伝えになることにこのしもべが心から感謝して致します。正に光栄の極みでございます。

    Also, those opening and endings are bangers.

    • 失礼をお許しになってください!して致しますより致していますの方が正しいのではないかと

      • 今回の件は、様々な情報を有しながら、そこまで思い至らなかった私こそが最も責められるべきだろう…。ジョナサン、お前に罪はない.

        And they do have the most energetic theme songs ever.

  6. I feel that I should point out that Overlord is NOT and should not be considered one of the many, many game/isekai stories to be inspired by the success of S.A.O.!
    Yes, it certainly can be seen as a new take on a very crowded field…but it should most properly be viewed as on of the works that INSPIRED this trend; not as a fresh take, but rather as something that others try to imitate, often falling short. The author was collecting feedback on the web-novel…a sort of rough draft of the earlier finished novels, long before S.A.O. had its meteoric rise to popularity.
    While it is true that it is widely held that Sword Art Online had an unpublished short story version (that was not and still is not available to the public) years before its popularity…and many, many stories in the same genre have very quickly gone from their initial public appearance to anime during this period, while Overlord was slowly gaining a cult following, many of the writers of these other stories cite Overlord as an inspiration.
    Comparing Overlord to the current glut of RPG/isekai stories is like comparing The Wizard of Oz to isekai, or Tolkien to the Dragons and Elves genre…it is like those kids on Twitter saying that Elvis Presley’s career is going to take off now that Justin Bieber has mentioned that he is a fan of the King; it is confusing an earlier inspiration for one of the imitators, just because we hadn’t yet heard of the older work!

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