Show Off Your Kanji Ability The Rock Star Way — 9 Comments

    • I haven’t gotten a chance yet to actually try out the book, so I am just going based on the TV special covering it, which made it out to be pretty good.

      Though to be fair to the book, it only has 2 reviews on Amazon (a 4 star, and a 2 star), and on Rakuten ( a 5 star. So it’s not the best sampling of reviews (and Japanese reviews are notoriously more strict than Western counterparts).

      But the 金 creation video alone should be enough to show off!

  1. Another way to react to someone telling your Japanese is good… Cut out 本当? and show it to them while wearing a bashful expression!

    • This is beautiful haha. And if you can pull it off by immediately pulling out paper, and a scissor, and finish within 20 seconds, you have a situation that is a work of art.

  2. そんな底数画の漢字なら誰でも出来るよ

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