So You Want To Be Cool And Say うぃ〜す Or おっす Instead Of こんにちは — 10 Comments

  1. I often say やぁ~ but I’m not sure if that’s the local dialect or not, I’ll have to ask! I’ve only ever heard it said between relatives or close friends.

    • Yeah that’s definitely another common one. Not sure where it originated, but it is used fairly broadly.

  2. あいつみたいになりたくない奴なんて居ないだろ


    「うぃーす WAWAWA忘れ物」by谷口

  3. So I always thought this was for like rough and tumble punks straight outta manga. That was until I got stationed in Japan.

    There are tons of shipyard workers here who are all real rough dudes ranging from age 20-40 who work on our ships here.

    You can hardly understand a word they say to each other except for the long drawn out 〜まあああああす they say to finish each sentence.

    I bring this up though cause they all great each other pretty much exclusively with おっす、うぃす、ちいす。 Truth be told I’ve even done it with them and although I get some strange looks I almost get the same back.

    So although I never say it to like my neighbors who are my landlords and about 60+ yrs old, situationally it can actually work for a gaijin. I say try it.

    • It definitely has its place with the right people. And a group of shipyard workers sounds like a typical group that makes full use of it.

  4. I’m curious as to who that guy is, since my reading level likely doesn’t even approach that manga yet (then again, it might be an easy read, for all I know).

    I take it he’s a dick? XD

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