Not Seeing any Improvement in your Japanese? — 5 Comments

  1. I totally know that feeling. Just recently I thought I didn’t progress all that much during that last year (took a couple short breaks as well which added to the feeling, because it seemed like quite often I was just busy catching up).

    But a few days ago I found a study notebook I used about a year ago. I’m not super diligent with it, but sometimes I do take notes from time to time… and honestly it was quite nice to read some pages and see on what I struggled back then and how a couple of those words and phrases just seem super easy nowadays. Hey, apparently I really improved somewhat! :)

  2. I’m in that boat at the moment. Also I can’t seem to concentrate on one method. I constantly change my learning style otherwise I get too bored. I’m trying to ditch anki because it’s such a motivation killer. I start and delete decks all the time so the feeling of not progressing is always with me.

    But at least I am consistent and don’t stop. I have seen small improvements like when I’m watching a variety show and I can follow along perfectly and even laugh at their jokes. These are my oprah moments that make me notice I have made progress.

    • As someone who’s been through the ringer of “I need to try something else” quite a few times, I have to say that I regret not just sticking with the program.

  3. Currently struggling with this! I’m getting a LITTLE quicker at reading books, but there’s still a huge ton of words I don’t know and understanding anything audio is a wash.

    *sigh* Just gotta keep going…

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