Why you Should be Excited About the Sequel to 結婚できない男 — 8 Comments

  1. I was debating watching this 12-episode series after having encountered the title several times in different places on the internet. Will certainly watch it now. Thanks for the tip!

  2. This was my very first Japanese media I came across accidentally (was just browsing around on youtube and decided to watch the first 5 mins. Ended up watching the whole series the same day lol)

    Then I ended up looking for similar series (didn’t care about learning Japanese. Had just learned hiragana on Duolingo a few months back. ), came across Trick- was skeptical about whether I’d actually like japanese drama (as it sounded like alien language to me ), boy was I wrong.

    That was about a year back. 8000ish cards later and catching the Japanese learning fever, I should maybe try watching it (and trick) and see whether it’s still alien language :)

  3. It doesn’t look like Yui Natsukawa will be part of the show which is sad as she was in some ways the main star of the show. And the actor that played kaneda, I hope he returns.

  4. I m very disappointed that Yui Natsukawa did not return for “he who can’t marry 2”….. what a pity! Season 1 was a great show! The chemistry between the main actor and the main actress was the crown gem of this story!

    • Feel the same way….I just stopped watching the second season knowing the doctor wouldnt be in it…I found it not to be as good as the first season.

  5. Love S1 so much that I simply can’t bring myself to watch S2,knowing Yui Natsukawa (the Doctor)& rest of S1 wonderful cast are not in it,so disappointed. Hiroshi Abe’s character certainly makes this series superb but not without S1 cast.Awwww …..

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