How I Gave up and Later Returned to Learning Japanese — 3 Comments

  1. I’d be interested to know how long you quit for and what effect that length of time had on your ability. I’ve been told that my Japanese had deteriorated after spending just a week outside Japan with no immersion (I still tried to do as much Anki as I could, however).

    Armed with your new methods and motivation how did it feel when you started again? I’ve always managed to somehow keep stringing the days together when I felt like quitting, but I sometimes wonder if the old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” could apply to Japanese, too, and if short breaks might actually be beneficial.

    • Hey Kreeb!

      To answer your questions:
      I had started when I was around 16 and stopped maybe 6 months in? Then I started again when I was 19/20. It was 3 years and a bit, my ability was next to nothing when I restarted. I had barely heard a word of Japanese in those 3 years so, it was like starting from scratch, but with all the disappointment of starting a second time!

      My new methods(Ahem.. Finding Jalup) and motivation were key. It felt great to start again! Honestly, At first it didn’t bother me that I had tried before and failed, I was making progress at last, and it was great. It’s when I started actually improving that I regretted, and the annoyance of quitting kicked in. Luckily, this made me stick through, and now I am flying along, reading and watching as much as possible!

      The absence is, in my opinion, what helped me stick with it now. The fact I had quit once was and still is the biggest encouragement I have. Although it was by no means a short break! Now, I just feel glad I am making headway, It’s wonderful!

  2. I was employed by a Japanese company for 11 years, and during that time became very interested in the language. I took several classes at the local college. I left for another job at an american company, (I was laid off by the Japanese company), and let my interest lapse completely. I am now interested again, after 16 years! Why? I heard my old company is closing thier US operation, and I am reminded of the interest that had, and still remember quite a bit of it. I is very interesting to see how the learning resources have changed, especially the Internet, YouTube, etc. Rick

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