Japanese Just Isn’t Working for Me… Until it Was — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you for these stories. Meeting a mysterious girl in school who had a hidden power is just like an anime!

    • Hey I dont really have a question but just want to say thanks for sharing your story. I have a tendency to rush everything and try to do too much, when in reality, I can just take it slowly; after all I am in no rush! I can spread out the workload so that I become fluent in 5 years; no need to try to rush it in 2-3 years, when all it causes me is to burn out. So thanks for the reminder (that last paragraph)!

      • I can totally understand that. I guess that’s why I decided to post my story in the first place. Sometimes you just want to speak and understand right now, without delay, but as long as you’re steady and motivated, time will never be such a huge factor. I’m happy I could help, after all, we sometimes all need to be reminded that Japanese fluency is in fact attainable.

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