Surprise from Japanese People towards Self-Study — 6 Comments

  1. The “sword to a gun battle” comparison was awesome. However, I don’t believe the picture posted accurately portrays that point. The ninja would be completely unharmed since he is fighting stormtroopers. In his case, bringing a sword to a gun battle is perfectly acceptable.

    • Yeah I know… but the it was the closest thing I could find :)

      In fiction, it seems swords often beat guns. In reality, not so much.

  2. > You really only have two options to reply with anyway: school or self-study.

    Over time I have found a very clever way around this. My claim is that I learned by hanging out with friends from my university circles. Even though it doesn’t actually answer the question at all its surprisingly effective!

    Thus I would encourage anyone to answer with some kind of hobby or interest that motivated you to study. My previous go-to was that I was really interested in Idols and wanted to understand their interviews. The reaction to that was always way better than just saying “self study”.

    • I like your idea of having a more specific answer, especially with people who you actually plan on getting to know better.

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