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  1. I will check it out for sure. Thanks for taking the extra time to point out how to sign up from outside happen. I actually really dislike English audio books. I don’t ever see me listening to a ton in Japanese. That said I am really trying to work on my listening right now and this could be helpful. I need to find an interesting and super basic title to try with.

    • You’d be surprised that you might actually like Japanese audio books, despite disliking English ones. It becomes a whole different world.

      • I hope so! Do you think there are major difference in English versus Japanese ones? If so in what ways… Just curious

        • No real differences in particular between languages. What I meant though is that you are using it to learn the language. You already know English. This completely changes the experience.

  2. I’ve been using them since they were called Febe. I haven’t used any of their content in a while (been mostly focused on dramas and TBS radio), but they had several novels that were also available on Kindle, and it makes for a great one-two punch. You can read the book, then listen to the audiobook, and use Kindle Search to narrow down passages you can’t quite understand. Quite a valuable resource!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience using it Jay. That seems like a great study combo. I wish I had found the service sooner!

  3. Adam,
    Sharon Domier, Japanese studies librarian here. I have been using and enjoy it. But, I haven’t yet found anything equivalent to the pairing of Kindle e-books with Audio narration (from Audible). It is so brilliant for language learning. I can and will open the book and listen along with it, but the conscious pairing – particularly with the highlighting of text being narrated is brilliant.

    Any chance you have seen a Japanese equivalent?

    • Unfortunately, I”m not familiar with any Japanese equivalent. That is a useful feature though and a good reason to want to continue using Audible.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I spent 4 hours wrestling with and Kindle (new email, VPN, JP address…) and in the end failed to get my payment to go through. With Registration, payment details and first purchase all took less than 2 minutes without ANY issues. An absolute lifesaver.

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