Taking Your First Steps Into Japanese Literature — 10 Comments

  1. I’ve noticed that reading lots of manga for fun (without really working to understand everything) has really helped my Japanese. I think I’ve become inspired to start some 小説。I started one, but I just have it on my computer and I can’t really stand to read anything longer than a couple pages on a computer for some reason. Because of this I’ve just gotten through the first couple chapters into the volume. It’s time to buy some. Thanks for extra push that I needed.

    • I used to read a ton of manga when I was a beginner/intermediate (these days I have trouble finding series I can really get into) and I think it made a huge difference in my skill level, as well as giving me the confidence to guess meanings from context. I think if you can have fun reading manga, it’s not too big a jump to tackle 小説!

  2. Do you know where we can actually buy light novels online, because I’m having a hard time.
    Also great blog, love it!:)

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