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  1. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help us along Adam. Without JALUP I never would’ve come this far this quickly, and may very well have just given up like last time. I’m so glad I found this site =)


  2. Thank YOU so much for everything you’ve done for us. I may be having a rocky time trying to fight my stop-and-restart nature (seriously, I go through phases with every single one of my passion, so that’s why I’m having such a hard time with doing japanese every. single. day. It’s getting easier but it still happens a lot… like right now), but I definitely would not still be trying, if not for JALUP. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I am not exaggerating.

  3. We should be thanking you, so: Thank you for all the articles! Whenever I need motivation I come here and read a bit.
    Also thank you, fellow commenters. This is the only place where I make sure to always read all comments.

  4. On the contrary, thank you, Adam! My Japanese would be a fraction of what it is right now were it not for Jalup. This site revolutionized my study methods!

    And though I may not comment as frequently as I could, I always enjoy reading the comments of others.


  5. Like Matt, I’ve been there before and given up within months due to minimal progress. Jalup has completely changed that. Not only have I been able to stick with it due to the methods learned from this site, but my progress has been faster than I ever thought was possible.

    I have not hit the high level blues, yet, they don’t worry me at all, because I know exactly which Jalup articles to read again when I do.

    This site is pure gold.

  6. Thank you very much Adam. I’m not sure if I can really express what I want to say without being all cheesy, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    • I know! I got worried too. “Oh no, a finale post? Is this a ‘thank you’ screen with end credits? Is there going to be a ‘push start to replay in insane mood’ or something?”

  7. Thanks again everyone for the kind words in the comments here. こんなにコメントをもらって嬉しいです。さらに励みになったよ、ありがとうございます!

  8. I usually don’t comment, but I’ve read every post and all the comments since around early 2012. This site really is the go to for anyone wanting to learn Japanese and I know it’s helped anyone who has taken the time to read what not only what you have to say Adam, but all the guest posters as well. Thanks you for continuing to create content that will help the next generation of language learners get off to a better start than many of us did.

  9. Funny… I was just thinking, “Man, I should email Adam sometime just to say thanks,” then I see this post pop up. Like everyone else here says, the thanks should probably go in the other direction :D

    I would say that finding Jalup was probably the single biggest factor in me actually getting anywhere with my Japanese studies. The methods, the articles, the tools, the decks, the community — all so damn good!

    Thanks a million Adam, for real!

  10. I’m grateful for this community and having the chance to participate in it. I don’t think it would be possible if it wasn’t founded by someone as positive and encouraging as you continue to be. So, thanks right back at ya :’)

  11. this may be my 2nd post here but i’ve been reading this site since i grew interest in learning japanese quite a while ago already. i have more than a few individual articles bookmarked on my browser now.

    not only does this site have one of the best methods and tools to learn the language, but it also offers a lot in the way of motivation. adam’s enthusiasm and passion about the language is infectious. the few months i spent finishing jalup beginner has increased my japanese level so much more than trying other things for a long while, and adam answers any question one may have through email promptly. just excellent methods, tools, articles and service for any learner of japanese. the jalup maximum package is the best deal one can get on learning japanese anywhere.

    thank you adam for making this journey much much easier than it would’ve been.

  12. I guess I may be a bit late to the party, but I also wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done.

    I lucked upon your website about 2 years ago (wait, already??). At the time, I was pretty much stuck in the mid-level blues, and had no hope of getting any better at Japanese.

    Thanks to you and your method, I had been able to make steady progress since then. And thanks to that, I was able to have a 50 minutes interview yesterday in Japanese for my dream job. Now, I don’t know the results yet (although I have a good feeling about it), but just the fact I was able to do it means the world to me. Even if it doesn’t work out this time, I can always try again. I would not have been able to get here without this website. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I would like to help back if I can. I know you are currently working on Jalup NEXT and I would like to mention I am a software engineer (as mentioned before, my job description might change soonish, but skills do not change). I don’t know how much time I can dedicate to a side project, but I want to volunteer help, if you need it.

    • I hope the interview results are positive :)

      Sure, we’d be happy to have someone with your skills help test it out. Send me an email and I’ll add you to Alpha.

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