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  1. In the morning I try and start with my immersion Playlist. If I need more energy then I switch to Japanese music.

    At night I watch 2 episodes of anime on netflix while playing pokemon in Japanese .

  2. Mine are both TV based and during the weekdays it is pretty much always:

    1. PON!
    2. News Zero

    Also in reality LINE kind of beats out both of those, but that’s not really a habit as much as an addiction. :D

  3. Morning: I do Anki for a bit while listening to Japanese music before the day gets going. Usually this is at school because I have a first period study hall. If it’s a weekend, I do this before getting out of bed. Because I’m getting to the end of RTK, reviews have been pretty high lately, so if I don’t do this, and don’t continue to work on reviews throughout the day, I won’t finish all of them.

    Night: My Anki reviews are done by 8:00 without exception. I’ll watch an episode of a drama, or a couple episodes of anime, without subtitles. Sometimes I’ll go on youtube and watch ヒカキン or はじめしゃちょー for a bit. If I don’t feel like watching anything, I go on comico and read comics until I want to sleep.

  4. Morning: First thing I do is grab my phone and read twitter for about 10 to 15 min (30 if I’m really lazy). I just read what I can understand and skip the rest. Then I do Anki.

    Night: Usually a drama episode or variety show.

  5. First thing in the morning I do all my anki reps. Then study grammar for a bit.

    Then, at night before bed I read for an hour or so then watch a drama episode.

  6. Weekdays:
    Days: I get ready for school and turn on to my immersion ipod while doing Kanji reviews
    Nights: Finish whatever Anki I have left usually pokemon names deck

    Days: Wake up in bed put on immersion ipod and browse the web
    Nights: since I don’t have structure in the weekend I usually do anki towards the end of the day.

  7. Morning: earbuds go in. For the past couple months I’ve been really into audio dramas. I’ll listen to the same drama or two for several weeks on repeat until I’m either completely sick of the story, or I’ve stopped picking up new stuff from it. To talk to people, I’ll take one earbud out and turn the volume down unless it’s someone I’m really worried about being rude to (aka my boss), because it’s easier than trying to remember /be disciplined about putting them back in. I do skritter reps, maintain iknow reviews, and knock out as many anki reviews as possible before starting work day.

    Night: when I get home from work I finish any remaining reviews. also, because iknow reviews collect throughout the day (unlike anki where they refresh daily) I do a second batch of these then to make mornings easier. iknow reviews have been dropping steadily since I stopped adding new cards there (one day I’ll talk about why iknow is less useful for learning than anki, or if interested just ask) so all of this usually only takes ten or twenty minutes. I’ll continue to listen to my audio dramas while doing web browsing, and add new cards to anki at this time, in small spurts. After finishing all srs stuff, I’ll relax with some anime or something else in Japanese for a little bit, then do some reading. To get to sleep, I’ll find something a little boring to watch that will autoplay through the night. This was children’s shows on until recently when my VPN stopped working. Lately it’s been Japanese let’s plays on youtube. Sometimes its japanese documentaries about really boring topics (documentaries about the industrial production of stuff or whatever, knocks me right out). Whichever, I like having it play all night because when I wake up in the morning, I start my day immediately in japanese.

  8. I usually start my day by doing my Anki reviews, followed by a bit of Japanese TV, usually anime, have started on variety shows recently as well though.

    I don’t have anything in particular that I do every night for Japanese, I’ve found that if I plan to do something late I either don’t do it, or stay up until 1 am trying to get it done, so I try to get everything done that I want to by 5 pm, and then sometimes I will read more or watch more tv shows before bed.

  9. I start my day with Memrise reviews before I get ready, and the on the train to work. I’ll normally listen to some Japanesepod101 on the way home from work, study some Genki when I get home, and finish off some more memrise reviews before bed. Stating classes soon too, which should give me some extra things to practice.

  10. Morning: On weekdays my first Japanese encounter is usually on the bus on my way to work doing Anki reviews. I tend to do as little as possible in the morning since I have a hard time getting out of bed and being forced out of bed by having to catch the bus works well for me. So usually my first Japanese is 15-20 minutes after my alarm going off. On weekends I like to stay in bed doing as many Anki reviews as I feel like before getting up.

    Night: Currently I watch anime before doing my evening routine. When in bed before sleeping I finish any Anki reviews that might have been left over from the day (I’m trying to not have any), sometimes I watch another episode of anime or I read up on some grammar from Tae Kim whatever I feel most like doing.

  11. 起床直後: 朝っぱらからAnkiの語彙デックをやり切る
    寝る直前: 寛いでNHKの「きょうのニュース」を聴く


  12. In the morning I make all the Anki cards I need for that day (JP music in background), and get through a good chunk of reviews if card adding isn’t too long.
    At night if I haven’t finish Anki it will be that, though I’m better at no letting that happen now. Otherwise I watch anime or dramas. If I’m smart I finish with some manga.

  13. I always start my day with Anki reviews and more importantly, new cards. I make sure to do my new cards in the morning, and then I leave the “10 min” review for later and do it around dinner time. This gives me chance to prove that I have really learned the cards and not just the ability to recall them after 10 mins. I spend about 1 hour on this and generally try to get most of my reviews done.

    Finally, before going to bed, I read manga for about 30 mins.

    Obviously there is a lot more going on between those two points as well :)

  14. Morning: Polish off my RTK reviews. Like ripping off a daily band-aid, I like to get it outta the way ASAP. If I have time before heading to work, I segue from there into sentence reviews. (I still keep the two decks separate for just that purpose.) I always try to finish Anki before I do anything else, though.

    Night: Kick back and watch an episode or two of something, typically anime. If I’m planning on hitting the sack soon, I tend to lean toward something relaxing and not too high level — e.g. Mushishi over, say, FLCL :D (Though at a different time of night or if I don’t have to wake up early the next day, it might be exactly the opposite…)

  15. I start my day with my Anki reviews, usually while still in bed (jitsu wa, after going back to bed after breakfast with my spouse). I then do my careful reading with second coffee and breakfast.

    My nighttime routine is to have chocolate milk with pleasure reading and/or reviewing any new Anki cards I have added during the day (I add Anki cards as I go along from my studying and immersion). Then I listen to my favorite anime episodes on my iPod while doing the dishes. Finally, I watch a new (or newer) anime while I am doing my hair to get ready for bed.

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