Time Traveling With Anki — 7 Comments

  1. I haven’t been using anki long enough to experience this yet. I have experienced where I’ll come across a card that I haven’t seen for 6 months or so, and as soon as I see it I remember how fuzzy it was and then when I start reading it, it will just click in my mind even though I haven’t seen that exact same card for months.

  2. I haven’t been using Anki long enough for the intervals to get this long (actually, I have the intervals hidden, so I don’t even know, lol), but I noticed that whenever I get a card that I added like a year ago or so, I can’t help but think: “…I seriously thought that was difficult back then?”

    Now here’s hoping that a year from I’ll feel the same way about cards I’m adding now.

    • The great thing about Anki is eventually that is the way you’ll feel about every last card in the deck, no matter how large.

  3. I’ve been using a different SRS for going on about 3 years now. I’ve felt this specific feeling several times… especially when I break a record for longest delay like I did a few days ago (4.8 years before I see that card again!) or when I see a card from the first couple of months. Incidentally, the really old ones tend to be the ones poised to break records. I look back as I breeze through most of those old cards and wonder what was ever so hard about this that I made a flashcard… or I’ll be reminded of the days when I had trouble parsing the slang and dialectic speech in the Dragonball manga. They were the good old days, but they were also the shitty old days. I remember them fondly, but I’m glad I’ve made the progress I have and I can’t wait to see where I am 4.8 years from now when I see that most distant card again. I’ll probably have added another 10,000 flashcards by then! I’ll probably have read tens of thousands more pages by then… might have a family, too.

    I discovered the time machine property of SRS some time ago… including the fact that I have flashcards that I’ll only see 3-4 more times in my natural life if I chose to keep it going that long.

    • I also wonder how long people will continue using Anki for. When you’ve used it for a long time, It’s such a minor time commitment for such great returns, and it’s perfect for waiting downtime (when you have a few minutes in line somewhere). I’ve been at it for 8+ years now, but I often wonder if I’ll still be using it in another 10 years.

      I guess if you continue with it long enough eventually you’ll reach the point where cards are pushed off past your life span haha.

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