Top 85 J-Dramas Of All Time — 6 Comments

  1. First J-drama I ever saw AND I loved it!
    Production value is good. Characters are good. Both silly and serious. Just a complete, well rounded drama. Is one of my top fave’s.
    Definitely worth checking out.

  2. thanks a lot for doing this, it helps a lot !
    btw, i think it would be good if they were arranged per level so you don’t have to go through all the posts.

  3. Can anyone recommend a site to watch any of the shows but with Japanese subtitles?

    I agree with Adshap in that English subtitles should be avoided due to them being a hindrance. I’ve found some sites where you can watch Japanese TV with no subtitles but wouldn’t mind Japanese subtitles at least being an option (makes looking up of unknown words quite a bit easier).

  4. Where’s “Kita no Kuni Kara” & “O-Shin”? These were two of the all-time greatest in Japanese TV history. O-Shin had worldwide popularity and carved a place in Japanese culture. It really tugged on the Japanese psyche in the 80s. Kita no Kuni Kara was so popular it spawned a tourism industry of its own in Hokkaido and had episodic specials for over twenty years after the series ended. Hard to imagine an “ultimate” list that doesn’t include these two. Just sayin’…

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