Top 85 J-Dramas Of All Time: #71-85 — 8 Comments

  1. Way back when this was first posted I made a note to check out “泣くな、はらちゃん” since it seemed like a premise I’d enjoy at and at a level where I could enjoy it. I’ve finally gotten around to watching it, just finished episode 5, and it’s great! It’s fun, sweet and immensely likeable, and while I certainly don’t understand every word I’m following the story and understand enough to get the gist of what most of the characters are saying much of the time. So, long-belated thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Um, where can I find Aged Idol? I’ve spent hours looking it up online and can’t find a trace of it. If you don’t mind, may you message or email a potential site? It’d be a waste of time reading through this list finding something you might like and not find a place to be able to watch it. Thank you.

    • Scratch that, you got the title wrong. It’s saba doru. Please make that correction to help others not waste their time like I did. With that said, conversation dismissed.

    • When I wrote this list entry, the drama had just been released and there was no English title. So I created an English title myself (that I thought was appropriate with a bit of creativity). This list has all the original titles in Japanese so that they are easy to search for.

      I’m sorry my entry confused you though. I’m glad you were finally able to figure it out.

    • It depends. Do you mean where illness is the theme, or where doctors are the main characters?

      I don’t remember if I included them in this list but a few I can think off hand I enjoyed are ハンドク and 医龍

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