Being Uncool In Japanese — 10 Comments

  1. Other good words within this sphere:
    イケてる・イケてない / モテる・モテない:both are versions of カッコいい・カッコ悪い
    イケメン→かっこいい男:this comes from イケてる+面 but is only used by girls to guys or it’s original use of guys to guys
    微妙・超微妙:in slang is a cross between bad, uncool, and undesirable (ex. 「池袋いかない?」「微妙じゃない?渋谷行こうよ」)

    Saitama does seem to get a bad wrap. In addition to being know as uncool, they are also well-known for having the smallest average breast cup size. Poor Saitama!

    • Good additional info. Saitama is also known for the highest average commute time and least amount of daily sleep hours per person.

      Poor Saitama indeed.

      • It appears that 月曜から夜ふかし has not yet made a variety show list. If anyone is wondering where we get all of these lovely useless facts from now you know!

  2. An old Japanese man taught me the rather nasty-sounding 芋姉ちゃん specifically for insulting country girls. I haven’t gotten a lot of use out of it.

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