One Variety Show to Resolve Intense Rivalries — 10 Comments

  1. Lol…
    You really are having fun with this series…

    One question remains, though…
    I spy a little 3回目 in the corner, which I guess means it was the third time they performed the, hum…, experiment. So here’s the real timeless question:
    Was this a 馬3-0ジーンズ or a 馬2-1ジーンズ?
    Mankind must know!

    • The rule of the game was that for the horse to win, it had 5 chances to destroy the jeans. So it finally got it on the third try. According to the show, if this type of work horse tries over 5 times to pull something, and is unable to do so, there is a danger of the horse developing some kind of fear-of-pulling syndrome.

      • I see…
        So what you are really saying is that, were one to be a fan of jeans, this experiment could just as well be seen as a 馬1-2ジーンズ!!! The debate rages on!

  2. Whoa, hold your horses! They sure love horsing around on these Japanese variety shows! Reading about it was exciting, as it didn’t seem like a one horse race, though I would have preferred to have gotten it straight from the horse’s mouth. I was afraid the horse would get a charley horse the way it pulled and strained on the rope, and I bet it could eat a horse after that ordeal! It makes me wonder whether this experiment has been repeated before in some one-horse town in the Old West?

  3. Just the other day I got hooked on this old variety show called トリビアの泉, and when they went and did a segment in episode 6 with two horses pulling on a pair of jeans I was all like “oh, I must have stumbled on the show that Adshap was talking about”, though I was pretty surprised that this segment would have stood out since it’s one of the most normal トリビアの泉 segments I’ve seen (the one that hooked me was one where they were leaving increasingly heavier fish out in the field and waiting for cats to come and take the fish away. The goal being to determine the weight a fish would need to have before no cat could carry it).

    Then I tracked down this article and I was like “oh, it’s a different show”, so I got very confused as to why having “horses fight jeans” would be a “thing” in Japan. And then I finally realized that that’s what’s depicted in Levi’s logo:

    • Wow. I was completely unaware that the horse pulling apart jeans came from the Levis logo. Thanks for sharing that!

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