Unique Japanese Greetings To Make You Stand Out — 10 Comments

  1. It seems your efforts to improve paid off. That was pretty entertaining :)

    As for future topics, I’d love to see a video about “internet slang”. I think it’d be a natural fit for this kind of presentation.

  2. Yes, more, bring it! Lots of(even more) examples/clips from Japanese stuff really hightens the experience in my opinion.
    +1 on “internet slang”
    and maybe “common anime expressions and if they work IRL”(I wanna see you try them!)

  3. If there was a Japanese version of Seinfeld, there’d have to be an entire episode devoted to a character landing a bit role in a film where all he has to say is よろしくお願いします.

  4. これは最高だね。
    It’s great, And I’ve never commented here before.
    that is to say that it was so good that I had to give a comment for this one.

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