Updates: NEXT Advanced, New Audio, Timed Study — 10 Comments

    • Also, just tried out the timer feature. It helped keep me focussed and on task, so definitely a welcomed addition.

  1. Next sounds amazing, and I’ll be right there with you as soon as there’s some way to sync with offline access. Unfortunately I live in a place where the mobile Internet is terrible so no reviews if I’m on a bus/train/out and about…

  2. Thank you! I purchased the advanced deck on NEXT the other day. I also love the timer feature. I used to study this way. Use a set time rather than number of cards per day. If I run out of set time, then I don’t add anymore cards so it kind of balances itself out.

  3. I just finished JALUP Intermediate and am excited for the audio in Advanced. I don’t want to have to deal with updating my Anki cards when the audio comes out though. Any idea when the advanced Anki deck audio will be available? Thanks!

  4. I have quickly grown to love NEXT! I am a little bit into expert on anki but have been neglecting it for a while and am considering starting over. So I was wondering since expert is quite large whether you will split it into smaller batches coming out gradually on NEXT or if we have to wait for the whole deal at once? I understand that anki conversion for part of the whole deal is probably difficult but since I’m thinking of starting over that doesn’t really concern me too much. And I’m sure Anki users with more mature decks are not too worried about waiting for the whole thing to be ready on NEXT before conversion is possible.

    • I get asked this a lot, but I just don’t have any accurate time frame I can give. I don’t want to underestimate it either, and let people down. It takes that long and my resources are very limited.

      Sorry this is the only answer I can give now.

      • I specifically didn’t ask for an ETA, I know those can’t be given :) things take time. Thanks for all your hard work!

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