Making Japanese Friends through Google Maps — 9 Comments

  1. Great idea. This is how it is for just about any international website that includes Japan. Everything is written by English-speakers. The Japanese still have a lot of technology they need to adapt to. I’ll remember next time I feel like writing something nice. I don’t review many things too often, though.

    • Yeah it’s weird though because Japanese use google maps a lot, and use the reviews, but just don’t write them. And it’s not really a “cultural difference” of writing online reviews, because there are plenty of Japanese only sites with tons of user based reviews.

  2. Brilliant!

    Interestingly, I’m learning Chinese and Google Maps is chock full of reviews for restaurants in Taipei. Have yet to see one in English, they’re all in Chinese.

    • Very interesting. I wonder what causes the discrepancy. Because Japanese people make up one of the largest portions of Internet users

      • All I know is that Google seems to put a lot of effort into – would only be speculation why that is. But Google products are very well localized to Taiwan and plenty of advertising put behind them.

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