Should I use the Jalup Mobile App, Jalup NEXT or Anki? — 5 Comments

  1. Oh, the timing of this post.

    I have recently kickstarted my studies after a very long hiatus. I decided to start with JalupNEXT. I really like it. Mainly for the linking and clean interface. However, I do miss the quick reviews that I could do throughout the day with Anki. I think that I’m going to continue with JalupNEXT and things that I find in the wild put into Anki.

  2. Is Jalup NEXT still going to be getting new content? I used NEXT for a little bit last year and I think it’s fantastic, and I’m coming back to Japanese (yet again). I’ll be going with NEXT either way for as far as I can, but it would be nice to know that it’s still going to be getting more content by the time I get that far!

    • Hi Josh,

      Yes, there will be more content. Jalup NEXT may look stagnant because of the lack of updates lately, but that’s because some things are in the works I can’t talk about just yet…

      • Excellent news! I’m happy just knowing that much. I was kind of worried since it seems activity is a little low lately… (I’ve actually been browsing Jalup for years now, I’ve been a stereotypical off and on learner), but I thin Jalup and specifically Jalup NEXT are just fantastically great things. I wish it was more popular, but I guess one of the best ways I can help is just to push through and show up as proof that the method works. Thanks for the response!

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