Use Passwords To Learn Japanese — 12 Comments

  1. That’s really clever. Though I’d underscore the importance of adding a couple extra numbers or symbols for the sake of security.

    • With uppercase letters, symbols between words, and sentences, I think there is some good strength in there.

      • Very informative comic! So then full Japanese sentences will be perfect.

        I haven’t come across any comic series like that in Japanese.

  2. Ah ah…

    I’ve already been doing this for a while, actually (though mostly for fun rather than educational value)… I’ll forgo giving concrete examples for obvious reasons, but there’s actually one use in the article which is similar to one of mine.

  3. Sounds like a good idea.

    Speaking of repetitive learning: to learn the numbers/generic counters/days of the month just use them every time you count something. And if you don’t have stuff to count just use it as an inner clock: brush your teeth for 30 seconds (x3?), drink water for ten seconds, count down waiting for the bus etc.

    • Agreed! There are so many opportunities for normal counting throughout the day, everyone should be a 数字プロ.

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