Waiting For The Right Time To Learn Japanese — 8 Comments

  1. As someone with a most terrifying exam-time, i love articles like this. :)

    Tough I found a way to keep learning, it is always encouraging to read those once in a while.

    If it helps anybody, here is how i survive before and after very busy times:
    While having a busy schedule i just set my weekly goals relativly low, and make sure i catch up all reviews in anki. In extreme times maybe just 1 new card a day. Progress is progress, no matter how small.. And when there is time to learn a lot of new stuff, its important to stop soon enough..It is great to learn maybe 40 new cards a day..but the joy fades quickly if the reviews hit a few days later and you are already busy with your life again

  2. As I always say, to quote a wise man from a couple of thousand years ago (Hillel): “If not now, when?”

  3. I think the idea “Do less with more focus” fits well here.

    A few tips for time-management:
    Basically, be smart with your time; motion/activity (“busyness”) =/= progress/results (“growth”).

    It might help to start a “let’s get to business” study ritual. Like:
    Pick a cozy spot with good lighting, where you’ll study.
    Put the kettle on and get a nice cup of tea going.
    Sit down and get to work for 20 minutes. Break to stretch or get some water. 15 more (or whatever).

    If you really fall off the horse, maybe pick an arbitrary date to start good habits again — give yourself a few days ahead to plan and prep and be on your way again. This week, you could pick “Winter Solstice” or “Christmas” as an excuse, or simply “Monday”. You could give your quest a cute name, a mantra/motto, and pump yourself up by planning a reward for reaching your first milestone. Or skip the plan and simply flip on a TV show / open a book and start watching/reading and see where it goes.

    • Oh, and I forgot to add: it might also help to “break” your current routine and build a new one.

      For example, if you wake up in the morning and immediately grab your computer, and then time flies away… Maybe make a new rule: you can only touch your computer after you do XYZ (Anki, etc). Or if you get mentally exhausted after ____ o’clock, maybe alter your schedule so you can take care of your priorities before that time. Or if you have trouble focusing in one place, change the location — go outside, go to the library, rearrange your room…

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