What’s The Best Age To Learn Japanese? — 11 Comments

  1. My best age was 19. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have had the motivation to carry through with it much earlier than that either (Actually, I had zero motivation).

  2. It’s hard to say for sure what mine is. I memorized hiragana and katakana to be able to read the lyrics of Japanese children’s songs when I was 9. I started learning “children’s words” (jumping rope, stag beetle, onion, rubber eraser, etc.) also around that time when my aunt gave me a Japanese children’s book as a present. I’ve grown to like anime afterwards, but only 2 years later did I actually decide to learn Japanese structurally through a website called “Japanese Is Possible!” ( That was 8 years ago. Through high school, I had been studying on and off until I entered college 4 years ago. I’ve been at it constantly ever since.

  3. I started private lessons in 2014 (13 years old) we got to 3 chapters of genki then quit due to end of school year and long vacation. After that I lost interest in learning Japanese, then when I started french in high school I was studying it nonstop for a month and got ahead of my class and quit because I am ahead then realized that my true language is Japanese then searched online methods online while doing genki then I found Jalup on December 23, 2015 (14 years old), got jalup beginner 1 on december 25 (right on christmas) finished it and kept on reviews until the end of january when I got my belated christmas money from aunt and uncle and bought the rest of jalup beginner. Just finished all of beginner today. Starting J-J and saving up money for Jalup maximum, by the time I get enough money, I’ll power through all of what I know and find my place.

  4. I’m learning at 12 but many people have said to me that I need to drop learning japanese if I want to take Spanish and French for gcse but why would I since I might have mastered japanese by then.

    • That’s no reason to drop it. You’re young and really want to learn Japanese. Just do it on the side with whatever other school requirements you have (whether language or other). Years later you can show those people they were absolutely wrong.

    • The methods you will learn through this site can largely be applied to learning other languages as well. Apply them to French and Spanish, and you won’t have to study nearly as much for school. Leaving more time for Japanese!

      I wish when I was your age I had been exposed to spaced repetition tools.

      Jalup NEXT is just for Japanese, but the app Anki works on similar principles and can be used for learning almost anything.

  5. I started learning japanese when i was 9 years old at school. I studied for 4 years, and all i can remember is the hiraganas, and words like moon, cat, etc. Now im 14, and i want to start to learn again, i think i have the motivation. :D
    Btw, this website is REALLY helpful, thank you! ^^

  6. Hopefully 40 will be the best age for me.
    I started studying Japanese in 2009 but hardly made progress over the 8 years since.
    The main problem I suffer from, is the fact that I want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible leading to burnouts again and again.
    Currently, life is preventing me from studying but I try to get that motivation back by reading sites/blogs like this one, and getting some ideas at the same time to construct a good study method when I restart my Japanese study within a couple of weeks.

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