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  1. Interesting idea. I finished Jalup Beginner a recently, and I didn’t struggle with very many of the sentences once I put my doubts aside. Personally, I think this could prevent learners from figuring out the meanings on their own, which is where a lot of the learning comes from. I can understand you not wanting to reply to hundreds of emails though.

    • As you point out, not everyone struggles with Jalup Beginner, and even when there are sentences they have difficulty with, they move on. But other people get caught up in it, and I wanted to provide an alternative source to just getting the English translations.

  2. It looks like a great idea for those who are struggling figuring out the meaning of the sentence, we always stick to the conventional arrange of words. I’m near the end of jalup beginner and I haven’t had any issues, one thing that I do is to focus on the particles that accompanies the words, words can be arranged in any order but particles gives hints about the function of each word in the sentence. With that information and some guessing I try to puzzle it together. However, one thing that I always have struggle is that for some sentences I had to translate some words to english to puzzle it together. I hope that at Jalup Intermediate I drop that habit.

  3. This is exactly what will help me overcome my insecurity. I’m always wondering if I’ve actually understood the sentence. Even though I’ve already passed the examples you’ve given here, I see that I misunderstood one of the sentences. Thank you so much for this boost in confidence!

  4. At first I just thought “ehhh, don’t like it” but then again it might work pretty well for beginners when you are just starting out and doubting everything.

    I’m not even sure if it’s necessary for all 1000 cards. But just some reaffirmation at the start can help erase peoples doubts, so just having the 125 cards, could already work out pretty well!

  5. It’s hard for me to say if this is a good idea on the whole or not. I was one of those people who got frustrated with a good number of sentences in the beginner deck because I felt my understanding of them wasn’t complete or precise enough, and I wasn’t used to it. The thing is though, I think it was just inexperience on my part. It was the first time I’ve tried learning a new language from zero as a fully grown adult. The sentences do begin to just become clear over time and now that I’ve experienced that happening, I have no problems encountering new sentences in Japanese that I don’t fully understand yet. It doesn’t frustrate me anymore. I know there will come a time when I would just smile at how simple it is to grasp that sentence after all.

    That said, I think you should get this if the frustration becomes too much to handle that it impedes you from studying with a peaceful mind (it was the case for me at some points, admittedly). That will surely be more hurtful to your studies than reading english hints. Otherwise, it’s also good to just let things happen naturally.

  6. Today I saw “実体のない可能性感じる”.I thought “real bodies not possible like that” maybe the meaning is “bodies don’t work that way” complaining about anime boob physics or a photoshopped picture.
    I look at the definition, real shape, not real body. If the meaning is someone compaining a bout a photoshop picture- close enough.
    Maybe the meaning is ‘something can make you feel, even though its not real’. This J-E-J-E is a terrible habit for someone on card 2643. Now if next time if I remember 正体 from the definition I’ll count it as correct, even if I guess the meaning is “your feelings are valid, even if they aren’t rooted in reaity”
    At this rate I’ll finish Jalup Master in 1,000 days. I bought Jalup 607 days ago according to anki

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