Why Studying Makes Studying More Enjoyable — 7 Comments

    • I feel the same way whenever I see one of my posts go without comments. It makes me think it is a topic no one cares about. I’m glad this post can be revived through you!

  1. Maybe because it’s short? But a short decisive blow can be 100 times more effective than a lengthy thesis.

    It definitively should be revived!

  2. I think its not that studying becomes more enjoyable, but rather that using native materials like watching dramas or reading stuff in Japanese becomes more enjoyable. I think this realization, that you are making progress, gives you motivation to work towards a goal that seems more tangible and within reach. Great post

  3. Isn’t this predicated on the belief that studying improves your Japanese? If you study a lot and make no progress (or worse, get worse at it (somehow; I’m not sure how)), wouldn’t it stand to reason that studying then becomes less enjoyable?

    • I think studying will always have its ups and downs and times where you feel like your going no where or getting worse. Of course this may be associated then with a felling of un-enjoyment(is that even a word?).

      But if you look at it from a long term perspective, if you study you will 99% of the time be getting better. And with getting better comes more enjoyment.

      I think this applies to everything in life.

      I personally wanted to improve my running, so I started to go running everyday. But in the beginning my legs were sore, and my running actually started to get worse and I can tell you that it was not enjoyable at all.

      But I continued to go running, and now my legs aren’t sore, I improved my running times and I actually enjoy running now.

      It may not be the best analogy but it is something in my life I can reflect on and I try to apply this to everything I do. Including Japanese study.

  4. This article+the Tetris analogy one are important lessons that everyone (who studies the immersion way) should know about. Maybe it get’s overlooked because it sounds so fundamental but when you are down on your studies it is a great motivator!

    I think I’ve reached the part between entertaining and roller coaster of fun. For example when I watch Naruto nowadays, I just watch it and enjoy it without even thinking about how much I understand (because I understand enough to follow the plot). Yay! :D

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