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  1. Another excellent post. I agree that shadowing can be meditative. Something cool I’ve discovered about shadowing is that it can also serve as a great “break” between all the other things we need to do to move toward mastery (learning and reviewing cards, reading, active immersion, etc.)–it requires less energy and allows me to recharge a bit. I like to interleave my daily studying routine with a few 2-5 minute shadowing breaks per day. It helps a lot. And yes, shadowing is powerful!

    • That’s a great point. Since it is a different type of studying, you may be tired of doing X, Y, and Z, but still have the energy left to do something like shadowing.

      • Seems silly to say this, but I haven’t considered shadowing in such small doses.

        I think it’s because when I first heard of shadowing, I was told to do something “active” (e.g. walking) whilst doing it. I’ve also found that when I do shadowing, it takes a few minutes to relax into it… but that could be because I don’t do it often.

        I’ll try out this “interleaving” method with other study, fits well with “tomato-timer” study.

        Thanks Toddg :)

          • Okay, I just finished a 5 minute round of shadowing and noticed that it used to take me longer to relax into it, but just now I was flowing right away (probably a positive result of frequency of practice). I also forgot to mention that I’m the kind of person who paces around when I talk on the phone, and I do the same when I shadow. If I’m at home, I pace around in my bedroom while I shadow. If I’m outside, I walk when I do it. In fact, I do a lot of my studying (adding and reviewing cards, active listening, etc.) up on my feet pacing around. I find it helps keep my energy and concentration levels up–something I’m sensitive to because I’m an old guy. Try pacing around, Gareth. :)

            • ToddG,

              I certainly will try that, with shadowing and reviews, all sounds like sage advice :)

              Thanks again!!,

            • Hi Toddg,

              Not sure if you will see this but I just wanted to thank you for the advice.

              I didn’t pick up shadowing again until recently but I thought I’d share what really works for me.

              I’m going through the “Shadowing Nihongo o Hanasou” recommended by Iaddr and what works the best for me is doing something active, beyond walking.

              I’ve found that washing up is the perfect amount of time to do 10-15 mins of shadowing. I know that I’m in tune with it when I automatically start talking when I hear the audio :)

              I can totally now understand what you mean about getting into it quicker. If I do it daily, it is almost instant now.

              Oh, and noise cancelling headphones are worth their wait in gold for shadowing, glad I invested :)

  2. Adam, thanks so much for this article. I am nearing the end so this is really helpful for me as I start figuring out what my transition plan looks like. I know I will revisit this article a bunch of times as I figure this out.

    The one piece of guidance though that I would love to have someone(s) weigh in on is a good pace of adding/creating new cards post Jalup on the march to 10,000+. I get there is no right answer but I would love to hear what worked for people. I think this will happen somewhat naturally as I hit words I want to make cards for but I want to benchmark my pace and see if I am adding too many or too few in the battle for progress.

    Other than that my plans for what is next is mostly falling in place.

    • No problem. Glad I could provide the extra guidance that I hadn’t really summed up till now.

      One thing I have seen about card adding pace is that the beginning will definitely be slower. So it will take you some time to see how many cards you can add comfortably. Ex. It might take you an hour to add 5 cards initially. But then later maybe 10 minutes for the same amount.

      • How much would you say branching is a thing after finishing the 7000? From the few times I dabbled into this I noticed huge differences between being around ~1500 and around ~2500 cards so I imagine this will be even better this high. Can one expect this mostly being “i+1” this far in, or is there another realm of language opening up at first which one has to cover?

        • Very little is required for normal card adding. However, if you go after the difficult (completely out of your realm) words, that is another story. But even there, it will still be pretty decreased.

          • Ye, that’s about what I expected but its good to have it reassured :-)

            Its still quite a bit away from me but lately I think a lot about this phase. The added power of remembering a self-made card is just to strong to ignore :-D

      • I have been giving this some more thought. I know there isn’t anything so magical about the 10,000 number but I am just trying to figure out some long term goals. Would you say 10,000 sentence/words and then the kanji (2-3k) are on top of that? Or do you see kanji usually being included in the 10,000 number.

        • I would say the kanji would be seperate. The benefit of sentence cards isn’t just the unknown word, but seeing it in context and also seeing sentence structures.

    • I won’t say definitely no, but the probability is low. I tried to get support for a continuation several months ago, but there just wasn’t enough.

      It’s the problem with creating very high level content. The user base is just too small.

      • Will you still continue the feature port for the android app?
        As far as I’m concerned I would definitely buy upcoming packs although I have already bought the max pack because I find them very useful.

        • All the features have been ported from iOS, except for Speaking Missions, Goal Setting, and Review Monster. As of right now, I don’t plan on adding these.

    • There’s an iOS update coming out soon that addresses some Dark Mode issues.

      But otherwise, I’m pretty happy with most of the current app functionality. Still in consideration of possible future features that I might add.

        • Currently there is no plan for that (though it hasn’t been entirely ruled out). This was also included in the fundraiser questionnaire from several months ago that didn’t meet its goal.

          *The additional equipment is already available on both apps.

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