7 Easy Ways To Make Your Japanese Sound Extremely Cute

Sometimes you want to be cute. Talk in a way that grabs the heart of others. Japanese has some convenient sentence-enders, and by merely uttering them, you will sound cute. That simple. And who wouldn’t want that?

7 Phrases To Make Your Japanese Sound Extremely Cute

Time to get cute.

7. When slightly embarrassed, and trying to cover up for some mistake you just said, end with てへっ。

6. When you want to strengthen your opinion and forcibly move the conversation forward, add (な)の!

5. Show your anger with a ぷんぷん!

4. Show your dissatisfaction with a プー!

3. Try to compellingly convey your thoughts by with だよ?

2. Deny something with だからっ!

1. When you understand the situation, but still want something your way (selfishly), add だもん!

Any other cute phrases you want to add?


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