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You want to master the Japanese language? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get around.


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The step-by-step guide that will lead you from absolute beginner all the way to fluent legend.

World 1: Why learn Japanese? How long does it take? Gamify the experience. Map out your strategy guide.

World 2:
 Learn how to use Anki flashcards. Master the 3 major Japanese alphabets (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji). Create strong base attributes for your vocabulary and grammar. Understand how you make progress.

World 3: Discover why and how to effectively use immersion learning (surrounding yourself with a Japanese audio environment).

World 4: Everyone hits a wall. A plateau. Where everything that was once good turns bad. Here’s how to overcome it.

World 5: Remove your reliance on English and transition to monolingual (Japanese-only) learning. Cope with lingering worries, doubt, and burnout.

World 6: Develop your ability to read native Japanese material (manga, magazines, books, websites, etc.)

World 7: Learn how to have smooth natural conversations about anything with anyone in Japanese.

World 8: You want to be fluent. You want to  be a master. Here are some tips to get there.



There’s a lot you want to be able to do. Find your guides here.

Find Other Learning Resources: Other sources to power up your studying.
Get a Japanese Job: Use your Japanese in your career.
Make Time to Study: Too busy? Time to change that.
Solo J-J Sentences: How to deal with J-J once the “training wheels” are off.
Triumph Over Kanji: Techniques to win your struggles with kanji.


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Original products that connect with the Walkthrough above, aiming to help you achieve fluency in Japanese in as fast, efficient, and fun a way as possible.

Jalup NEXT

Jalup NEXT is our new original Japanese learning platform. It’s still in its early stages, but click here to join our fun adventure.


JALUP About 6Looking for something to read, watch, play or listen to?  You’ll find recommendations and level rankings for all forms of Japanese media: J-drama, movies, anime, manga, novels, video games, and more.


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Test Your Level: Find out what level you are on the Jalup level scale.
 Test your reading ability using scenes from popular manga.
Other: Test your kanji, listening, and puzzle-solving skills.


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You’ve got questions. I’ve got answers.


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Write for us: share something interesting about learning Japanese.
Line Chat Group: talk live with other passionate learners like yourself.
Affiliates Program: help out Jalup and earn a little reward for doing so.


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Monthly Goals: Set and achieve your goals together with everyone else.
Monthly Challenge: Push yourself further by accepting the Jalup monthly challenge.
Learner Stories: Find out how other learners got to where they are today.
Lessons: Japanese is deep. Let’s dive right in.
Motivation: Gain a boost when you are feeling down.
Japan: There’s a whole country out there for you to understand.
日本語: Fun Jalup articles in Japanese for you to practice your reading on.


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We’re always looking to expand JALUP in new ways that we haven’t yet thought of. Have a great idea for a product, service, or something new that you would like to partner with JALUP on? Don’t hesitate to use the contact form. We’d love to shake the Japanese world up a bit with the next original idea.

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