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  1. Adam,

    I have just completed my first year of JALUP, this is the first system I have stuck with day in and day out for a whole year, so for that thank you.

    To reflect on what you have said above, I agree that there is a wealth of information in posts which helped me with Japanese learning, in general as well as JALUP specific. It definitely kept me motivated, and helped me overcome some hurdles, and I’m sure I will come back to the posts again and again (particularly the level “blues” posts :)

    You don’t need me to tell you, but you should be very proud of what you have created, the system, the site and the countless posts.

    I for one am happy to hear that you will only be writing when you feel inspired or that something has to be discussed, that makes new posts all the more exciting.

    Basically this is a long winded way of saying Thank You!

  2. You have a massive legacy of content that will continue to help people find their way for a long time. I don’t think you need to worry about appearing like you’ve abandoned the project by not creating content every day or week. I’ve been here for over a year now and I’m still discovering posts I haven’t read. I’ve tried to learn several languages in the past and found that my failures have all been accurately described in the walkthrough posts. Being able to see them all laid out like that, i.e. mid level blues, nonlinear apparent progression in my studies, and my tendency to focus on study materials without incorporating native entertainment, has helped more than any material I’ve come across.

  3. To be honest I miss the more regular updates. The old content is great but it doesn’t always surface when you need it. And some of the old content doesn’t necessarily represent your current thinking. But I get it, if you aren’t into an article it is better to hold off. I have some ideas for guest content when the time is right I will let you know.

    Cool to see the updates to the app even if I won’t be using it at this point in time. Hope it keeps going strong because it is amazing.

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