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Jalup 1.0.3 released!

See a detailed post explaining speaking missions and what’s coming soon.

– Test your speaking ability with Speaking Missions!
– Level icon picture now changes every 2 or 3 levels (and “evolves” as you get higher level)
– Increase experience points per card based on how many times that card was marked correct
– Increase experience points earned for new card learns
– Removed “Level Rank,” because it doesn’t accurately represent the user’s real level.
– Total icon overhaul
– Hide back button to prevent confusion on returning from card links


Speaking Missions is taking a little bit longer than expected, but 1.0.3 is coming soon. In addition to this giant new feature, a lot of other small really cool things will be coming with it.


Jalup app 1.0.3 is going to introduce a really cool new feature called Speaking Missions. It’s going to be a way to interactively practice your speaking ability from what you’ve learned from the decks.

This is a big update that I’ve been working on, and I think will be very exciting when released :)


Jalup app 1.0.2 released:

New features:
– Kanji Kingdom – the 2300 cards that will help you master the kanji – has now been released.
– Combined Decks Reviews – Kana Conqueror now shows images
– Kana Conqueror images have been shrunken a bit to make better use of screen space


Jalup app 1.0.1 released:

New Features:
– Vacation Mode
– Card Accuracy Check
– Card Stats & Rankings
– Explanations added to confusing areas
– Gain experience points for listening
– Experience points restored with import


Jalup mobile app released for iOS! What is the Jalup App?


Jalup mobile announced – beta testing started

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