Jalup NEXT is the alternative platform to Anki on Jalup that turns up the studying heat 9000 degrees. You can use Anki, or NEXT, or both.

If you are new to Jalup NEXT, read the full introduction/explanation here.

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NEXT Advanced, New Audio, Timed Study
Jalup Next Group Explorer Map
Jalup Tutorial
The Dawn of Jalup NEXT
Jalup NEXT ‐ Alpha Recruiting



● If you already own the Anki decks, and want to use Jalup NEXT, you will now have to purchase the decks on NEXT separately. Because Jalup NEXT is not a membership site that charges you per month, it does not have a steady stream of income from existing users. Without new paying users there isn’t revenue to keep up with the quickly increasing server costs. In order to keep NEXT operating, I cannot offer any more free accounts for previous Anki purchases. I apologize for this.
● The Anki conversion feature was removed because it just never worked right, and caused more problems than it was able to solve.


Re-recorded some sentences with audio errors that were in Jalup Advanced.


Jalup Expert Stage 5 released.


Jalup Expert Stage 4 released.


Bug fix: When keywords were clicked to see previous cards, when the same keyword was used for multiple definitions, Jalup Expert and Advanced cards were appearing first before Jalup Beginner and Jalup Intermediate. This should be fixed now.


Jalup Expert Stage 3 released.


Jalup Expert Stage 2 released.


Jalup Expert still has a very long way to go (several months). Recently a suggestion was made that I should release the stages one at a time.

I hadn’t considered this because it adds a lot of time to the whole process to break it up. On top of that, then I would have to deal with hundreds of emails at every 100-stage release (times twenty) asking me for the stage for free if they had already purchased the Anki version a long time ago. This would slow everything down to a halt.

So I’ve decided to try something a little different, that is a bit of a compromise of both.

I am going to be releasing Jalup Expert, one stage at a time (maybe around once every few weeks), till the end. This will allow for a steady stream of Expert material. Then I can continue on to Jalup Immersion after this.

The first stage will be free, as is the tradition with all the other decks. Each 100-stage after that will be priced the same as the other sentence decks. As each expert stage is added, it will be automatically added to the Maximum package (and the Maximum package price will slightly go up to reflect each stage added).

There will be 2 major differences.

1. There most likely won’t be a package purchase until Expert is finished (however, I might make smaller split up packages as I go along).

2. You will not be able to request the individual stages for free if you had previously purchased Anki material. If you have previous purchases, and want Jalup Expert as part of those purchases, you will have to wait till Expert is fully finished (Stage 20). Then you can e-mail me and I will send it. I can’t respond to requests before this.

This provides a good balance, because I was originally going to release it all at once much later on, so the time to wait doesn’t change. If people want each stage immediately, the payment is going towards giving me the extra time to do it one stage at a time, and to speed up the whole general process.

I hope you’ll understand.


Jalup Expert is currently being coded, and we’re hard at work on it. In order to help fund this, there is a slight bump in price on the decks (they now match the Anki version prices), and Kana Conqueror is no longer entirely free. I hope you’ll understand that this allows us to continue expanding. Thank you for your continued support.


● Jalup Advanced audio now available!


● Below issue now fixed. Contact support if you are still having problems
● Currently an issue with the explore map with flags showing up as negative or lower than the flags you had. This is due to changing the exp required for a flag (600), now that  you earn 1.8x experience  compared to before.


● I finally had the chance to analyze the experience/levels against what users have been doing for the past 6 months, and realize the original xp numbers were set too low.

In taking the averages of people’s levels vs time vs where they are on in decks, I’ve made an increase of the experience points you receive for everything by a multiplier of 1.8x what it originally was (this includes card reviews, card learns, and streaks). To compensate, I also raised the xp required for flags (to 600) in explore to match.

Rather than change the level definitions, I figured this would keep things simpler for me and for you. So your current level number and experience won’t change. But from here on out, you should notice an uptick in the speed in which you acquire experience/levels.


● The Jalup advanced review issue (problem sometimes when going directly from learn to review, and freezing on reviews) is now fully fixed.


●  Jalup advanced has the problem again when going directly from learn to review, and freezing on reviews. For now, if this happens, just refresh the page, and you should be able to review your cards.
● There was a major issue with the tutorial system after the last update on 5/28, which disabled the tutorial, and had people who were on tutorials unable to review cards. It should be fixed now, but if you are still having any problems, please e-mail us.


● Jalup advanced had a problem sometimes when going directly from learn to review, and freezing on reviews (requiring a refresh). This issue is fixed.
● Timeout removed. This was causing too many problems, and when people reloaded, they had to leave the page and come back.


● The undo button is here! If you reviewed a card (already hit the X or ✔), and realized that you made a mistake, you can now undo that card review. After you click undo, review your current card, and the next card up will be the card you undid. Redo it the way you meant to answer it, and all is well.

Note: You can only undo one card at a time (you can’t undo multiple cards in a row)


● Jalup Advanced fully released. First 100 cards free, same prices as other sets, and also added to the Maximum Package.
● Major new feature: “Timed Study”
● Bug fix: the search feature now includes the front and back of the card (up until now it was only including the front).


● Currently working on Jalup Advanced (about 75% finished)
● Currently working on some new, requested features (details to come later)
● Currently working on some requested bug fixes (time zone issue, refresh time out, card penalty adjustment)


You can now convert your Anki deck progress into Jalup NEXT progress. Come on over to the light side :)


– Jalup Advanced is taking quite a bit longer than we thought. Currently we are close to about halfway finished with it.
– Working on the viability of another new major feature. More details provided once we figure out a timeline.


Big updates!

– Search function: You can now search through your sentences when browsing through a deck. Just input some Japanese and any card where that Japanese appears will show up. Useful for practicing specific words/grammar.
– Goals feature: set goals for when you want to finish a deck, and automatically be given out daily tasks to help you meet those goals.
– Referral Code system: when people sign up for new accounts there is now a referral code option. If you recommend Jalup Next to other people, and they sign up/buy decks through the system, you will get a percentage of the sales from their purchases. Currently, getting your referral code (what you give to others) is a manual process, so send me a direct e-mail if you are interested. More details to come soon.
– The deck and # a card comes from appears during reviews for easy reference. When referencing a card in a support email, it saves us a lot of time if you can say something like KC220 or JB534.
– Jalup Maximum Package now available: includes Jalup Beginner, Jalup Intermediate, Kanji Kingdom


Jalup Intermediate Audio is now up!


It’s been a bit quiet for now on updates, but we are continuing to work hard on development.


● New major feature: Group map explorer.


● Jalup Beginner audio completely updated for all 1,000 cards!


● Started work on Jalup Advanced. We’re going to finish all the linking first before uploading it to Jalup NEXT. Expect about a month till it will be ready.


● Bug fixed: review session screens not working.
● Bug fixed: issue with audio playing all at once when browsing on frozen cards pages


● Bug fixed: issue in reviews with card audio playing before a card is flipped (on the front side of a card). If you still are having the issue, please let us know.


● New feature: Kana Conqueror now has 2 sound icons (1 for the kana, 1 for the sentence)
● All Kana Conqueror cards have been re-recorded in much better quality.
● We are currently working on re-recording Jalup Beginner cards (expect a week or so) and then Jalup Intermediate will follow shortly afterwards.

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