Jalup is always expanding and changing fast. Check here for important updates about what is going on.


Jalup App 1.1.2 released!

– New Search Feature! Search through all your owned or learned cards, or through specific decks, and have your results displayed in an easy way to compare how a word is used in different sentences.
– Add help message in Jalup store, which explains what to do if a download didn’t work.
– During reviews, removed the alert that told you when you finished reviewing your cards and now are going to go back to the cards you marked with an X. This got in the way more often than not, and was more annoying than helpful. Once you finish all your base reviews, your marked wrong cards will just be displayed.
– Minor xp boosts for various actions within app.
– Gave review monsters a little movement


Jalup App 1.1.1 released. This is a minor improvements update. The next update is going to add a major new function, and something really exciting to look forward to :)

– Resetting a deck now resets the tutorial, so you can repeat a tutorial.
– Listening to Cards in Media Player now very slightly increase their ease (since it acts as a sort of review)
– SRS interval timings tweaked to be less harsh


Jalup App 1.0.9 released. Stories and Situations now included within the app!


I created some new visuals to explain how the Jalup learning system works, because sometimes it isn’t the easiest thing to figure out what is going on with the method. This can be seen on the About page and the Store page now.

Jalup App 1.0.9 is about 80% finished. And with it will come Jalup Beginner Stories, Jalup Beginner Situations, Jalup Intermediate Stories, and Jalup Intermediate Situations. There will be plenty of samples for free users, and all of it will be included if you buy (or already bought) Jalup Beginner or Intermediate.


Jalup 1.0.8 Released!

– Learn & Review Card Peeking Function (Swipe back and forward between cards as you are learning or reviewing them. (Useful for when you make mistakes, when you want to connect cards, see what’s coming, or see what you’ve done)
– Individual Deck Resets Added (Now can reset any deck of your choice – for example if you don’t want to get reviews from it anymore or if you want to begin it over again)
– When you finish all the original reviews of a session, a message will let you know that you are now reviewing cards you just marked with an X
– Some design tweaks on tutorials


Jalup 1.0.7 Released – Critical bug fix for Jalup App.

An issue was causing the app to crash when some people tried to export their progress on an iPad. Everything should all be good to go.


Jalup 1.0.6 Released.

This is a minor update, with a lot of small improvements that will help things run faster in the future. I also fixed some coloring issues, a few small lingering bugs, and fixed the giant tutorial images stretching on the iPad version.


Jalup 1.0.5 Released!

Check out the details in this explanation post.


Jalup 1.0.5 is just right around the corner and it will introduce some new features I’m proud of: User Stats, Daily Roundup, and Review Monster.

Jalup Expert is currently in the works for both the Jalup App and Jalup NEXT. As I mentioned before, linking it is a painfully slow process, but it is in development now!


Jalup 1.0.4 released! With it comes Jalup Intermediate, Jalup Advanced, and the Jalup Maximum package.

The Jalup Store and the way all the products across the 3 platforms has gotten too bloated and confusing, so some major changes have been made. Both pricing and product line have been reformed.


1. Individual Anki stages (in groups of 250) have been completely removed. The only purchase option is now for a full level, which includes 1,000 cards.  If you were in the middle of buying individual stages (ex. you bought stages 1 and 2 of Jalup Beginner and need to buy the remaining 2), you will be able to purchase the remaining stages individually. Please send me an e-mail and I will provide you the remaining links.
2. Anki level packages no longer includes all of the bonus items (Situations, Stories, etc.)
3. Anki level packages have all been dropped down significantly in price to $99.99. This is to account for the bonus items being removed, the individual stage option removed, and the fact that Anki requires the least maintenance cost for me.
4. Jalup Expert has been split in half. The first half (1,000 cards) will continue to be called Expert. The second half (1,000 cards) has been renamed Jalup Hero. The split of these 2 is reflected in the pricing. The content has not been changed at all.
5. Jalup Immersion (stages 1-5) has been renamed Jalup Master, as it is a direct continuation off of Jalup Expert/Hero, and has confused people with its name. The content remains the same.
6. Jalup Maximum still remains exactly the same, and includes everything at the same price.

Jalup App

Jalup Expert is currently in development for the Jalup App. This will take longer than Intermediate and Advanced took, but it is coming. This will be followed by Jalup Hero, Jalup Master, etc.

Jalup Next

1. As Expert is being developed for Jalup App, it will also be developed for Jalup NEXT. So both will be released at the same time.
2. Jalup Next prices have been increased. This is to account for the rising costs of maintaining Jalup NEXT, and it being the most expensive of the 3 platforms to continue with.

As always, thanks for the continued support!


Jalup Intermediate, Jalup Advanced and the Maximum package will be included in the Jalup App on the next update (v1.0.4). It’s coming much sooner than you expect!


Jalup 1.0.3 released!

See a detailed post explaining speaking missions and what’s coming soon.

– Test your speaking ability with Speaking Missions!
– Level icon picture now changes every 2 or 3 levels (and “evolves” as you get higher level)
– Increase experience points per card based on how many times that card was marked correct
– Increase experience points earned for new card learns
– Removed “Level Rank,” because it doesn’t accurately represent the user’s real level.
– Total icon overhaul
– Hide back button to prevent confusion on returning from card links


Speaking Missions is taking a little bit longer than expected, but 1.0.3 is coming soon. In addition to this giant new feature, a lot of other small really cool things will be coming with it.


Jalup app 1.0.3 is going to introduce a really cool new feature called Speaking Missions. It’s going to be a way to interactively practice your speaking ability from what you’ve learned from the decks.

This is a big update that I’ve been working on, and I think will be very exciting when released :)


Jalup app 1.0.2 released:

New features:
– Kanji Kingdom – the 2300 cards that will help you master the kanji – has now been released.
– Combined Decks Reviews – Kana Conqueror now shows images
– Kana Conqueror images have been shrunken a bit to make better use of screen space


Jalup app 1.0.1 released:

New Features:
– Vacation Mode
– Card Accuracy Check
– Card Stats & Rankings
– Explanations added to confusing areas
– Gain experience points for listening
– Experience points restored with import


Jalup mobile app released for iOS! What is the Jalup App?


Jalup mobile announced – beta testing started