Check here for important updates about what is going on at Jalup!

October 18, 2022

(The following only affects iOS users, not Android)

I’ve been trying to do my best to continue support as long as possible, all the people who purchased the Jalup app. The iOS app restore is not working due to a change in Apple Hosted Content, deprecated tech that shouldn’t be deprecated, an Apple bug, and more. 

That technically isn’t a problem for anyone who already has the content, but is a problem if you thought you could buy a new phone, or try to delete and reinstall the app while Jalup is still alive. Also, some people said they wanted to get the app running on a M1/M2 MacBook for a backup, but couldn’t get the restore to work.

The currently unrealistic solution is to move all content and host everything on my own server and massively re-architect the app to account for it. In a roundabout effort to solve these problems, and prevent future ones, I’ve decided to make all the content local. This means there is no more restoring the app to get content. It is always there from the first install. You have all cards. No more samples. No more connection issues. No internet.

Changes in 1.8.4 (which should be available on the App Store shortly):

1. The iOS app will be changing from free with in-app purchases to a paid app at $299.99. 
2. This gives the ability of everyone who has already purchased the in app purchases the ability to continue using it, even less worry free, since it no longer requires on downloading content.  
3. This should require much less maintenance and have less possibilities of failure
4. If you’ve made in-app store purchases, you can continue using the app the way you always have. 
5. If you buy a new phone, or delete and reinstall the app, you will already have all the content loaded. You won’t have to pay again. As long at is the same iCloud account.
6. The Temple (item store) menu has been entirely removed. There is no need to download content once you are in the app anymore 

To re-iterate: if you already have the content locally because you purchased/downloaded in app purchases, you don’t need to do anything. Probably better that you don’t do anything, since everything is already working.

Hoping this helps out some people.

October 14, 2022

No, everything hasn’t been deleted yet (obviously). 2 important updates:

1. I recently updated the Jalup app on Google Play. This is because Google Play required 2 updates that if not fixed by Nov 1st, would 100% remove the app from Google play (or so they warned).
2. iPhone 14 and iOS16+ were working just fine. But there is a new report that restore is not working. Upon further research, this looks like a potential Apple bug. So don’t delete the app right now (or get a new phone), as there is a chance restore may not work. I’m looking into possible solutions.

August 31, 2022

Phase 3 starts in one day. A few quick updates:

• Jalup has not been sold or licensed to any additional parties
• I don’t know of the app Nihongo’s progress. The most recent information I have is from his last update.
• I’m not deleting everything on 9/1. However, now that we are in phase 3, please keep the expectation that everything could be deleted at any moment. I am though trying to keep things up for just a little bit longer to give people some extra time to use the service and blog.
• The Jalup email address won’t be disabled until everything is deleted, but I only plan to check it once or twice a week. So don’t expect the usual prompt replies.

May 4, 2022

Someone posted a little guide on the WaniKani forum explaining a way to transfer progress from the Jalup App to Anki. Thanks @GrumpyPanda!

May 2, 2022

I’ve been asked questions about a few more things, so wanted to add another update.

• I will still consider offers for the purchase of Jalup as a whole, up until the close date. This won’t affect the license Jalup now has with Nihongo.
• I will still consider other license offers, since Nihongo does not have an Android app.
• I re-enabled comments on the blog, so you can still communicate with each other.
• Regarding the Jalup blog and the sale of Anki decks. There is a tiny possibility I might keep the blog online after the apps close. This depends on whether Anki sales are enough to pay for maintenance (which isn’t trivial), and how much time maintenance takes. I’ll provide an update on how I feel about this in the future.

April 30th, 2022

Chris Vasselli, creator of the app Nihongo, reached out to me about the possibility of licensing Jalup content. I checked out his app and am extremely impressed. It is very modern, easy to use, already has a large and growing following, and is a tool I would be proud to have Jalup content be home to. I’m very excited to see what Nihongo can do with the Jalup content. I think all of you will really like using it.

Jalup content is now officially licensed on Nihongo, starting Fall of 2022. A few important points:

• The main decks (Jalup Beginner through Hero), will all be available this fall
• Not a guarantee, but there is also some working plan to continue the card linking functionality (I’ve provided all the coding files to make it possible). It’ll be up to him how he implements it.
• Kana Conqueror, Kanji Kingdom, Jalup Stories, Jalup Situations are TBD
• Cost and pricing plan is TBD
• If you’ve previously purchased content via the Jalup app, Chris intends to have some kind of discount on the corresponding content in Nihongo. Stay tuned on the Nihongo blog, as he’ll have more details closer to the fall.
• The Nihongo app is currently only available for iOS.

Where does that leave Jalup? Since this isn’t a straight up purchase of Jalup and continuation of its apps, Jalup is still entering Phase 2, the transition period. As discussed below, you can contact me providing me your receipt from the Jalup app in order to receive the Anki version of the app. This will be available up till closing.

April 26th, 2022

• Currently a few decisions are still up in the air. I realize 4/25 has passed yesterday. Phase 2 has not started yet. I will post an update as soon as I have it.

April 4th, 2022

End of Jalup announced

May 2, 2022

• Updates on the what is happening with Jalup will be provided on the End of Jalup post.

June 26, 2021

iOS 1.8.3 released:
– Fixed the issue where card tools (star, freeze, note, stats) isn’t displayed properly on iPad in Landscape mode.
– Other small fixes and minor improvements

April 26, 2021

Android 1.7.1 released:
– Minor fixes and improvements

November 22, 2020

iOS 1.8.2 released.

This should (hopefully) fix the deck download/restore issues some users are facing in iOS14+.

November 19, 2020

Still working on the iOS fix. A few things to keep in mind if you might encounter it:

– It only affects iOS14 users
– It only affects some iOS14 users
– Even those it affects, sometimes you can just try restore a few times (app crashes, reopen, reinstall, restore) and it works

However, there will be a fix….

November 14, 2020

There may be an issue with downloading decks on iOS 14.1+ :(

I’m still looking into it. It is recommended that you do not reinstall the app if you don’t have to, as you may run into this problem restoring your decks.

If you encounter this, please contact me with details.

November 13, 2020

iOS 1.8.1 released!

Jalup Master and Champion are here :)

November 12, 2020

Android 1.7.0 released! 

In order to get out the Android in app purchase bug fix release, I’ve finished the Android Jalup Master and Champion version first before iOS.

iOS version of Jalup Master and Champion is still in development and in a few days I’ll provide an update of when I will have finished that.

November 9, 2020

It has been brought to my attention that there is a new issue accessing purchased decks on Android. I just fixed the issue but I’m currently in the middle of adding Jalup Champion and Master in the next release, so it may take a little longer to get in this fix with that release. 

However, if you are experiencing this issue right now (you just purchased a new deck, or you need to restore a deck), I can add you to the beta release immediately, which includes this fix. Please e-mail me directly and I will add you into the group.

Once added, after a few hours you should see a red message when searching for the jalup on google play, saying something like “You are a beta tester for this app.” You’ll update the app to this beta version. Once you are in, tap on either the download or restore button from the temple icon, and you should be able to get whatever deck you purchased (after tapping on it). Let me know if you still have an issue.
Two things:
1. Once beta is released, I can remove you from beta releases if you want. There should be no difference though between the two once this release is done though. So it’s up to you
2. Do not access Jalup Master or Champion from the beta version yet. These aren’t finished yet, so there will be problems with those 2 decks.
I sincerely apologize for this.

October 13, 2020

The below has been fixed and is available on the App Store.

• There is a currently known crash on iOS. It has been fixed, and the update is waiting approval from the App Store. 

When trying to import a backup that includes non-sample cards (ex. Jalup Maximum) to a clean install of the app, before restoring the Jalup Maximum deck itself.

However, there is a very simple fix for this until the update comes out.

Must be done in this exact order or it won’t work
1. Make sure to take a backup (always always always do this whenever you reinstall the app)
2. Delete the app
3. Install the app
4. Restore maximum and wait till it is completely downloaded (all decks become greyed out)
5. Finally import any of your backup

September 28, 2020

Android 1.6.2. released
• When you export a backup, you can now choose the app you want to export it with.

September 25, 2020

Android 1.6.1 released
• Minor fixes and improvements

September 22, 2020

iOS 1.7.6 released
• Fixed issue with back arrow numbers on Review
• Minor improvements

September 8, 2020

iOS 1.7.5 released

– Added the amount learned and reviewed today to the user stats screen
– Minor improvements

August 23, 2020

iOS 1.7.4 released

– Fixed dark mode issues
– Fixed UI issues

I know. I should’ve fixed many of these when dark mode first came out on iOS. Sorry!

August 14, 2020

iOS 1.7.3 released

– You now have the ability to add cards from within the app by tapping on Jalup Custom under the Learn tab
– Fixed export issue when going from iOS to Android (there is a new option now under export), export (Other)

August 9, 2020

iOS 1.7.2 released

Fixes the import issue discussed below.

August 7, 2020

There is an issue with imports that came up after the custom card release. A fix for this will be released in the next few days.

The below is a temporary fix until the update is available on the app store.
1. Save to Google Drive (this may work on other platforms as well but haven’t tested)
2. Open the .csv as Google sheets (where you can edit it)
3. Immediately export it again as a .csv (use a different name)
4. Import this new version

August 3, 2020

iOS 1.7.1 Released

  • Custom Cards Phase 2.
  • Fixes new card vs import saved data issue.
  • Fixes garbled text export
  • Other minor improvements

July 25, 2020

iOS 1.7.0 Released

New Feature: Custom Cards! See details here.

February 28, 2020

iOS/Android 1.6.0 Released

New Feature: Time Warp! Instantly push all your cards forward or backward in time by any interval. Access from the settings.

January 27, 2020

iOS 1.5.8 Released

– Fixed tutorial issues from iOS13
– Fixed issue where initial intro to tutorial wasn’t displaying properly on a new install.

January 21, 2020

iOS 1.5.7 Released

Fixed issue on the iPad version of the Jalup app that is preventing a user from exporting data.

January 14, 2020

iOS 1.5.6 Released
– Fixed Dark mode issues on 1) Note creation 2) Speaking Missions 3) Goal Setting
– In Kanji Assist, noted several more kanji that appear in sentence decks, but not in kanji kingdom

November 19, 2019

New feature update!

iOS 1.5.5, Android 1.5.0

– New Setting: Font Style -> Choose between 3 fonts now (Standard 1, Standard 2 (iOS only), and Handwriting)
– New Setting: Font Size -> Choose between Default and Big
– Combined Auto-play Learn and Review settings into one setting

October 26, 2019

iOS 1.5.4 released

– Fixed an issue where iOS dark mode was showing review monster with white text on white background
– Fixed an issue in combined reviews where undoing a KK card, returning to a non-KK card carried over the KK keyword.
– Fixed issue where wrong missing kanji error was being displayed when tap on kanji assist kanji.
– Fixed italics displaying on kanji on kanji assist.

Android 1.4.5 released

– Fixed an issue in combined reviews where undoing a KK card, returning to a non-KK card carried over the KK keyword.
– Fixed issue where wrong missing kanji error was being displayed when tap on kanji assist kanji.
– Other minor improvements

October 7, 2019

iOS 1.5.3 released

– Fixed issue that caused a crash when trying to save kanji or kana to photo library.
– Fixed issue that caused Listen mode to crash for users with iOS 13.1+

September 19, 2019

iOS 1.5.2 & Android 1.4.3 released for Jalup app


– Fixed an issue where using kanji assist from a card that had left/right arrows caused those arrows to be displaced when returning from that kanji assist link.
– There are some kanji in the sentence decks that are not found in Kanji Kingdom due to their rarity. If one of these kanji is tapped on from Kanji Assist, the appropriate message is now given.


– Fix issue where freezing the last card of a review session. The session is supposed to end, but instead it restarted the session of already reviewed cards.
– Fixed an issue where using kanji assist from a card that had left/right arrows caused those arrows to be displaced when returning from that kanji assist link.
– There are some kanji in the sentence decks that are not found in Kanji Kingdom due to their rarity. If one of these kanji is tapped on from Kanji Assist, the appropriate message is now given.
– When resetting Kana Conqueror, the display text in the verification message was saying “Jalup Beginner.”

September 15, 2019

– Jalup Champion (Anki) is now available as a package in the Item Store
– There is an issue currently being fixed in the Jalup app where back/forth card arrows are sometimes misaligned.
– Some other small Jalup app issues are being fixed as well.

September 2, 2019

iOS 1.5.1 and Android 1.4.2 released

– Fixed a large number of user-reported typos across all decks. These include card links, missing or incorrect furigana, kana or kanji typos, and other minor things. Also changed 3 kanji kingdom keywords that were discovered to be duplicates (the duplicates of origin, nail, fierce are now initial, finger-nail, ferocious).
– Fixed issue where searching for a card -> tapping a link -> closing the link allowed you to Learn the card despite being in Search mode.
– On combined reviews fixed issue where sometimes extra space would be shown on kanji kingdom cards.

August 20, 2019

iOS 1.5.0 and Android 1.4.1 released

New Feature: Kanji Assist.

From the user settings, you can now link up Kanji Kingdom with all the other decks. While activated, a list of tappable kanji will appear at the bottom of every sentence card. You are limited to 5 kanji assists every 12 hours. This is intentional to keep you from over-relying on English.

Think of them as a special weapon you should only use when you absolutely need to. If you want more, you’ll have to go through the more time-consuming search feature.

August 11, 2019

I’ve been working on a major new feature update for iOS and Android. It’s a very experimental feature, which I think is going to be a major boost to your studying. But because of that I’ve been running through a lot of iterations of it to make sure it works well in the intended way. It’ll be worth the wait  :)

July 28, 2019

iOS 1.4.9 & Android 1.4.0 Released!


– New feature: “Ranged Listening” You can now choose a set of specific cards from a deck you want to listen to when you enter the media player.


– Added to Listen Mode: 10 Stories and 31 Situations (Beginner and Intermediate), with audio and text. Samples are available for free users – the rest are included on a purchase of Jalup Beginner and/or Intermediate.


– Fixed issue that was adding extra zeroes to card stat accuracy.

July 14, 2019

iOS 1.4.8 & Android 1.3.1 Released!

– New Feature: Interval adjustments on a per card basis. A long tap on the red button gives you a shorter correct interval. Long tap on green button gives you a longer correct interval. This gives you more precision control over your reviews for those who prefer more choices. This keeps 2 buttons, but allows for 4 choices.
– Bug fix: Freezing a card was sending the due date display (and display only) of that card to the next one.

July 2, 2019

iOS 1.4.7 & Android 1.3.0 released!


– New button display option – card stats
– Kanji Kingdom now has the empty space removed at the bottom where the sound buttons were.
– Fix issue: Flip -> card X -> Undo wasn’t showing original card’s due date


– Card peek functionality added (swipe left and right on cards)
– Fix issue: Flip -> Card Check -> Undo was sometimes freezing the flip button


– Fix issue: Timer set for Incorrect/Correct buttons -> card swipe resulted in “will review/reviewed” reverting to “flip”

June 27, 2019

Android 1.2.7 Released

– User notes feature added. You can now add, edit, backup and remove personalized user notes to all of your cards. They can also be edited from your backup sheet.
– Freeze now requires a verification tap, to prevent mistakenly freezing a card.
– Temporarily removed checkmark accuracy functionality. Location of this will be changed.

June 20, 2019

iOS 1.4.6 & Android 1.2.6 Released

– New learned cards for users with the Once Daily setting will now appear under reviews immediately, and not the following day.
– Once daily users – cards remaining count wasn’t decreasing when X button pressed.
– Jalup Hero Audio Fix.

June 11, 2019

iOS 1.4.5 & Android 1.2.5 Released!


– Added “Back-link” functionality. Up until now, you could only close out a card link. This was inconvenient when you had already tapped multiple links and only wanted to go back one link in your “linking dive.” The back button now takes you back one link, and the close button has the original functionality.
– Listen mode multiple repeat function added. You can now have a card automatically repeated up to 4 times before it moves on to the next one to give you extra speaking practice. Tap on the repeat beat multiple times to choose the new setting. This can now also be combined with the random button.


– Fixed issue where tapping Learned & Reviewed Today cards was bringing up the wrong cards.
– Fixed issue where tutorial might start when accessing a card from your journey or doing a search.
– Fixed issue where undo was saying still on a tutorial.

June 5, 2019

Big new feature update.

Android 1.2.4

– Add in new question mark button on home screen that allows access to the Jalup Guidebook (and FAQ), or to ask a question or send a feature request
– Undo functionality added to Learn and Review. Long tap (press and hold for a second) on the card number to undo the last card. This can’t be used consecutively for multiple cards in a row or during a tutorial.
– During deck download there is now a progress meter that shows your download and a warning not to leave the app while making the download (this causes an interruption).
– Fixed: Freezing a card while flipped was disabling the Flip button for the next card
– Fixed: Freezing a card while button displayed remaining cards didn’t lower the remaining card count.

iOS 1.4.4

– Added in new question mark button on home screen that allows access to the Jalup Guidebook (and FAQ), or to ask a question or send a feature request
– Undo functionality added to Learn and Review. Long tap (press and hold for a second) on the card number to undo the last card. This can’t be used consecutively for multiple cards in a row or during a tutorial. Note: a normal press will return you to the home screen.
– Tapping on the card number (top left) while a link is open will now close the link.
– Cleaned up the top of Learn/Review
– Fix: Freezing a card while button displayed remaining cards didn’t lower the remaining card count or Monster Review count.

May 28, 2019

Android 1.2.3 released. Big catch-up update!

– Card Freeze Function added (won’t appear in Learn/Review or Listen)
– Card Star Function added (save to look at later)
– Search for starred or frozen cards through the search function
– You can now tap on a card from search to access that card
– You can now tap on a card from your journey to access that card
– When you download a deck, your download progress is shown

May 22, 2019

iOS 1.4.2 and Android 1.2.2 update

– Jalup Hero has been added! 1,000 new cards to power up your Japanese. As always, the upgrade is free for Maximum Package owners.
– Fixed linking and furigana errors. As always, please continue sending new ones when you discover them.
– Fixed an issue with some definitions displaying strangely on search.

If you plan on getting the maximum package (or upgrading yours), make sure to update the app first!

May 11th, 2019

While not finished just yet, the next update will add the long awaited Jalup Hero deck to both Android and iOS.

May 4th, 2019

Android 1.2.1 and iOS 1.4.1 released, fixing the bugs discussed below. It should appear on the App Store and Google Play shortly.

May 4th, 2019

Important bug updates for iOS and Android (Partially) coming soon.

iOS Only

1. Due Date Display Issue

With the new Button Display Settings, a bug was discovered where in Reviews, the Due dates are showing the same for all the cards. Whatever the first card’s due date – the other cards inherit.

I’m working on the fix now, and it should be updated on the App store in the next few days.

However, two things about this bug:

  • This isn’t actually changing the dates that are saved. It is only a display issue. All due date intervals are properly being calculated and saved.
  • There is an easy temporary fix – set either the incorrect button or flip button to the due date display. The bug is only on the correct button display.

2. Dark Mode Sound Icon Issue

If you are using the app in dark mode, the sound icon is showing as a period. Temporarily you have two options: disable dark mode or just tap on the period.

iOS and Android

Both versions have an issue where if you finish the reviews in a session, and you start reviewing through the cards marked wrong, the first card marked wrong inherits the last card’s due date. Same issue as above, and this doesn’t actually affect the due date calculation and saving, just what is displayed.

I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing you.

May 3rd, 2019

Big simultaneous feature update for both versions. See more information here.

Jalup iOS 1.4.0

Added in a new Button Display Setting which allows you to customize your Learn, Flip, Incorrect and Correct buttons. This comes with the ability to:

1. Set multiple different study timers (even simultaneously)
2. Show remaining reviews
3. Set a number of cards you want to review in a session, and display that as you review
4. Show the due date of a card
5. Show nothing at all on a button

– Also, increased the size of the buttons, and increased the tap area around the sound buttons in Learn and Review.

Jalup Android 1.2.0

– Decreased by half the time it takes to install/restore decks.

– Added in a new Button Display Setting which allows you to customize your Learn, Flip, Incorrect and Correct buttons. This comes with the ability to:

1. Set multiple different study timers (even simultaneously)
2. Show remaining reviews
3. Set a number of cards you want to learn or review in a session, and display that as study
4. Show the due date of a card
5. Show nothing at all on a button

April 25, 2019

Android 1.1.9 released – Very important bug fixes (please update asap)

1) All new users (or anyone who did a fresh install) from the 1.1.8 update on April 17 had a double Jalup Expert Sample added by mistake (the same 100 cards twice). If you installed during this time, you may need to backup, reinstall and import your progress to fix this.
2) Rotating the screen just as you are ending vacation mode added 50 years to all your reviews
3) Importing your progress wasn’t displaying the xp points properly on the home screen.

April 21, 2019

A bug was found on the Android version of the app. Where if you rotate the screen just as you are ending vacation mode, it adds 50 years to all your reviews (technically 18,003 days).

This will be fixed in the next Android update. As well as the ability to restore your XP points on an import. Your xp points are still currently saved the way it is now, but it just isn’t importing it yet.

If for some reason you trigger this bug, you can subtract around 18,003 days from Column C in order to get back to your previous numbers.  Just make sure to remove the +0000 first from Column C, then create a new column with a formula of  =C1 – 18,003. Put this on all rows in this new column. Then move this column in place of column C, deleting the new temporary column just used. Then import.

April 17, 2019

Jalup Android 1.1.8 released

1. Tutorial System Added to guide new users. Current users on this update will have tutorials in “finished” mode by default. You can restore a tutorial by resetting a deck.
2. New Setting: Kanji Kingdom Display
3. New Setting: Dark Mode
4. New Setting: “Very Long” added to intervals.
5. Listening to cards now earns xp points, and very slightly raises a card’s multiplier
6. New Users now get an intro splash screen to help guide them where to start.

Jalup iOS 1.3.4 released

– The Dark Mode setting now works on Listening as well
– Minor improvements

April 15, 2019

Almost finished with a very large Android update and a minor iOS update. It took a bit longer than expected.

April 1, 2019

iOS 1.3.3 released:

– You can now tap on cards from Search or Today’s Learned & Reviewed to access the actual card.
– In order to copy and paste a sentence from Learned & Reviewed, you now have to tap and hold for a second.
– Search shows more clearly that “All” and “Owned” are buttons that can be pressed.

Android 1.1.7 released:

– New search feature! Search through all your cards (and narrow down the search by deck or whether you own or have learned the cards)
– Spread out icons on home toolbar to make access to them easier.

Mar 22, 2019

Jalup Android Update that will be released later today (1.1.5) to address an issue with your Total Study Time:

Study time (the amount of time you spend learning/reviewing each card) wasn’t adding properly. This caused your “Total Study Time” on Lifetime Totals to occasionally go down instead of up and to incorrectly report to your actual total study time. If you feel like you have studied a lot more in total than this number, this was the reason. From this fix, all time will be accurately added. This didn’t affect the intervals or due dates of your reviews – only your app use time.

Mar 21, 2019

Big Android Update for 1.1.4 released!

– Can now reset decks on an individual basis (or reset all of them at once)
– Added in an “Accuracy Checkmark” that displays as green when a card’s accuracy is above 75%, and white when below.
– Tap on your Level Icon from the Home Screen to access useful data about your progress (“Your Journey”)
– From “Your Journey” added in:
* Total Study Time
* Total Cards Learned
* Total Cards Reviewed
* Furthest Review Date
* Reviews due forecast for the next 7 days
* Learned & Reviewed cards today

Mar. 12, 2019

Jalup iOS 1.3.2 and Jalup Android 1.1.3 released!

First simultaneous release of the same feature, and it should make life easier for everyone. It removes the import requirement that the rows of the backup and current database be the same. This allows for more flexibility with editing and uploading your import.

Please note that if your row count is different, it will take longer to import (because it is analyzing the whole database against your .csv. But as long as you have a full row  of data, you can add as little or as many rows of data as you want at once.

Mar. 9, 2019

Jalup iOS 1.3.1 released!

– Added Dark Mode (from Settings)

– Added Reviews Due Forecast for Next Week (Above Today’s Learned/Reviewed Cards)

– Fixed issue where under Lifetime Totals, Learned was also being Added to Reviewed.

Mar. 5, 2019

Jalup Android 1.1.2 released!

– New Setting: Trickle vs Once Daily. Control how your due reviews come in.
– New Setting: Vacation Mode. Take a vacation without worrying about a mountain of reviews due on your return.

Mar. 1, 2019

  • Jalup Champion Stage 2 released and sent to all people who supported it through the pre-order. If you made a pre-order and did not receive it, please contact me. It will be available for sale on the site sometime next week.
  • I’ll be slowly catching up on the backlog of emails (especially Jalup NEXT requests).|

Feb. 27, 2019

Had a medical emergency. I apologize for any delays this may cause.

  • There is a new release ready for iOS and Android waiting that add some cool new features. I will release it as soon as I have the time to handle any issues that might possibly arise from the update.
  • Jalup Champion Stage 2 is nearly finished but I still need to run a final check on the furigana.
  • Jalup Next to Jalup app conversion requests may be answered several days late.

Everything will be back to normal soon, but I appreciate you waiting.

Feb. 19, 2019

Jalup iOS 1.3.0 released:

– Fix Listen Tab issue where first track is lower than the rest
– Added in Very Long to Interval setting (250% Interval)

Feb. 15, 2019

Jalup Android 1.1.1 released!

As promised, it is a big update. It includes the immersion player found on the iOS version. Listen to and shadow all of your cards, at any time.

Feb. 12, 2019

1. Jalup Champion Stage 2 is currently in development
2.  Jalup Android 1.0.9 released. This is  another minor update release.

– Add date and time to jalupbackup.csv, so that it isn’t automatically overwritten when exported
– Allow for purchase of Maximum even if you’ve already purchased a lower deck first.
– Fixed issue that was showing some users as offline (making them unable to make purchases) when they were online.

3. Currently working on porting over one of the biggest features from the iOS version to the Android version. It has taken a long time to get it working well, which is why there has been a delay.


Jalup iOS 1.2.2 released!

– New feature: User notes. From the checkmark in Learn or Review, use the note button to add whatever you want to your cards. This is saved in your progress, so from your backup sheet, your notes appear and are editable there. HTML input is allowed.
– Bug fix: swiping on combined reviews from a Kanji Kingdom card to non-Kanji Kingdom card carried over the kanji keyword.
– Bug fix: card peeking on pre-flipped review cards showed the sound icon (when it shouldn’t)
– Other minor improvements

See more info here.


Jalup Android 1.0.8 Released – I wanted this to be a feature release, but there were a few issues I had to deal with first.

– Fixed an issue affecting some users who were trying to use the app without an internet connection, and having the app crash on them. If you try to access purchase/restore without a connection, you will also get a warning message now.
– Fixed an issue where an import with a mismatched row number caused the load message to get stuck.
– Other minor improvements


Jalup Android 1.0.7 Released!

– Added Jalup Expert: 1,000 new J-J cards with native audio continuing off of Jalup Advanced.
– Added an “Upgrade” button from the in-app store. This allows anyone who already purchased Maximum to access the newer decks (like Expert)

Pre-orders for Jalup Champion begin.


Android: the Expert update (similar to iOS) is near completion. Expect it sometime soon.


It’s been about 3 years since I’ve updated the design of the Jalup blog , and I thought it was time to simplify things. Remove the distractions, focus on the content. I hope this improves everyone’s reader experience!


Jalup iOS 1.2.1 release (major update)

1. Card Freeze: prevent a card from appearing in learn, review and listen (access from white check mark).
2. Card Star: mark a card so you can return to it later (access from white check mark).
3. Easy card searching through frozen and starred cards (use search function on home screen)
4. Initial price display now automatically converted to your currency/exchange rate (from within app store)
5. And other small minor improvements!

Jalup Android 1.0.6 released

– Initial price display now automatically converted to your currency/exchange rate (from within app store)
– Minor improvements


Jalup for Android – v1.0.5 released

Earn experience points through learning and reviewing cards and level up! Your level and experience points are shown on the home screen with an evolving icon.


Jalup for iOS – v1.1.8 released finally!

With it comes:

1. Jalup Expert!
2. A free update to Jalup Expert from anyone who has previously purchased Maximum (from the Jalup temple store inside the app, tap upgrade)
3. A fix for the lock screen skipping issue when using Listen mode

There is one small issue to note. If you want to get the maximum package (regardless if it is a first time purchase or an upgraded purchase), you need to update the app to the newest version 1.1.8. Older versions (1.1.7 and less) that try to download the maximum package may crash upon download (because it would be trying to add Expert from Maximum when Expert doesn’t exist yet on the app).

I will prevent this from happening the next time there is a deck addition (to account for those late on updates still wanting Maximum), but I only discovered this issue after I already released everything live, and there is no way to go back for 1.1.8. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

*Jalup Expert for Android will be coming a bit later.


Holiday Sale

The holiday sale that has been going on for December will probably run until the first week of the New Year.

Android 1.0.4 Released!

– Graphical update of home screen
– Learn and reviews now color coded to make it easier to see at a glance

iOS (Jalup Expert progress):

Card Linking – first run: 100% Complete
Deck Error Checking: 95% Complete
Code implementation: 95% Complete

Mostly just waiting for the app store functionality to return to do final tests, and then everything should be a go :)

Happy Holidays!


– iOS version 1.1.7, a bug has been found where if you are in listen mode, and you have the screen off (the lock screen on), the tracks will occasionally skip. This has been fixed, and will be available in the next update (1.1.8) at the end of the month, which will also include Jalup Expert. I would release this bug fix earlier, but there are no updates allowed on the App Store between 12/23-12/27, and just in case this fix causes some kind of other strange behavior, I want to be able to address it immediately.

Thank you to the person who pointed out this issue! Not sure how long it has been around for.

– Jalup Expert progress:

Card Linking – first run: 100% Complete
Deck Error Checking: 80% Complete
Code implementation: 80% Complete


Android – 1.0.3 Released:

– Added kana stroke order diagrams to Kana Conqueror
– Added kanji stroke order diagrams to Kanji Kingdom


The next update for the iPhone version will include Jalup Expert, and an automatic (one tap) way to upgrade your Maximum deck to include Jalup Expert. Setting this up has taken a little more time than I thought.

Jalup Expert progress:

Card Linking – first run: 100% Complete
Deck Error Checking: 60% Complete
Code implementation: 75% Complete

It will most likely be released by the end of the month.


Things are progressing smoothly with Jalup Expert development for the Jalup mobile apps. And yes, it will be included for free if you have already purchased Jalup Maximum.


Jalup Android 1.0.2 released: Added in two new audio settings: auto-play for learn and auto-play for review.


Jalup Android 1.0.1 released, fixing repeated tap issue, and adding in setting to adjust your review intervals.


There was an issue with comments on the Japanese Level Up blog today. If any of your recent comments seem to be affected, or if there is any strange comment behavior, let me know!


New landing page for Japanese Level Up to hopefully explain Jalup a little better to people unfamiliar with it. The blog and all of its posts will continue to run the same. But you’ll need to update your bookmarks to


  • The Jalup App is now available for Android, live on Google Play!
  • Jalup iOS v1.1.7 has been released. This has some minor improvements, and fixes some of the card linking issues reported by users.


Jalup Holiday Sale Starting Now!

Level Packages: $99.99
Maximum Package: $249.99

Across all Platforms (Anki, Jalup App Android/iOS, and Jalup NEXT)

*The Jalup App for Android will be finishing up beta shortly and will be available at the above introductory prices upon release.
*The price display numbers will change on iOS Jalup v1.1.7 (which should be available as an update shortly)


If you’ve seen the most recent post, you know that I’m very excited to announce the Jalup Android version beta testing starting.

Another piece of good news. You can now fully transfer your progress from Jalup NEXT to the Jalup Mobile app, on either Android or iPhone.

In order to do this, you’ll need to e-mail me a request, and provide me the e-mail of your Jalup NEXT account. I’ll send you a .csv file of your Jalup NEXT data. Then you just need to follow a few simple instructions which I provide, and you’ll be able to upload it directly into the app!


Big things are coming soon. If you have been wondering about the lack of updates, I’ve been very busy doing Jalup stuff :)


1.1.6 update release fixing the critical bug discussed below.  Please update to this. Thanks to Apple for the super fast response time!

Also I’ve been made aware of the typo on card JB11, where in the definition the word すみません is replaced with おはよう. I think because it’s such a simple card that most people didn’t bother saying anything. It will be updated in the next version!


There is currently a crash issue that is caused by the Jalup App 1.1.5 update. If you haven’t updated yet to 1.1.5, don’t, and please wait for version 1.1.6. For all current users who have already updated to 1.1.5:

You will experience this bug if you have finished any deck (ex. 232 kc cards or 1000 JB cards), and have never set a goal for these decks. I am very sorry for not spotting this issue on the last update.

I’ve already implemented the fix, and uploaded it to the App Store through v 1.1.6. However, it can take a few days for the App Store to approve an update.

There is a temporary way to fix this in your 1.1.5 version. Please perform the following steps:

1. Export a backup of your deck (do not forget to do this)
2. Open up the .csv file in Google Spreadsheets as an editable spreadsheet. You may be able to do this with Excel as well, but Google Spreadsheets works the best.
3. For every deck you have completed, you are going to need to go to the final row, and change column L from review to learn

Ex. 1: If you finished kana conqueror, go to the row where column B shows 7232. Then go to column L in that row and change the word review to learn
Ex. 2: If you finished Jalup Beginner, go to the row where column B shows 1000. Then go to column L in that row and change the word review to learn

You need to do this for every deck that is complete

4. Export this spreadsheet as a .csv file
5. From inside the app, go to Backup > Import > Select this .csv you just exported.

Note: for those of you who tried deleting the app and reinstalling it and get the error “Error: Your backup must match your current owned deck count…” You must first restore all the purchases you have before importing the .csv. So if you have had Jalup Maximum, you must first restore Jalup Maximum, then import. If you had KC and JB, you must restore each of those individually and then import.

You will only need to restore these purchases if you tried to fix the issue by deleting the app and reinstalling.

6. Assuming you followed everything above, you will be able to tap Learn or Listen, which was crashing for you before. The decks that you have finished will show 1 card left to do (since you edited them).

If you can hold off on that one card until 1.1.6 is available, then you don’t need to do anything else. Just make sure not to learn the final card or the bug will return.

If you really want to proceed through that one card, you need to swipe left to set a goal on that deck. Set any date. Return back to learn. Then learn the final card. The goal will be completed, and the card will be back in your reviews. You’ll need to do this set goal/complete final card for each deck that has one card remaining. Once 1.1.6 is out, you won’t need to do this.

Again, I apologize for missing this issue. If you have any problem with the above steps or something still isn’t working right, please e-mail me.


Jalup App 1.1.5 released

Fixed an issue where setting a goal and then finishing the deck where the goal was set caused the app to crash when trying to enter Learn or Listening mode.


Jalup App 1.1.4 released

– Click on cards from a search to hear their audio
– New Kanji Kingdom Customization – You can now simplify what the front of a Kanji Kingdom Card displays (Choose between standard, J/E Keywords only, E-Keyword only, or J-Keyword only)


Jalup App 1.1.3 released

– Learning Goal Feature: Set a deck completion date (swipe left on a deck in Learn), and be given the amount of daily cards you need to do accomplish that goal. **Please note: after installing this update, it will take 24 hours for the goal to display an accurate daily count.**
– Add explanation message to Stories and Situations
– Add warning about Siri requirement for using Speaking Missions
– Other minor improvements


Jalup App 1.1.2 released!

– New Search Feature! Search through all your owned or learned cards, or through specific decks, and have your results displayed in an easy way to compare how a word is used in different sentences.
– Add help message in Jalup store, which explains what to do if a download didn’t work.
– During reviews, removed the alert that told you when you finished reviewing your cards and now are going to go back to the cards you marked with an X. This got in the way more often than not, and was more annoying than helpful. Once you finish all your base reviews, your marked wrong cards will just be displayed.
– Minor xp boosts for various actions within app.
– Gave review monsters a little movement


Jalup App 1.1.1 released. This is a minor improvements update. The next update is going to add a major new function, and something really exciting to look forward to :)

– Resetting a deck now resets the tutorial, so you can repeat a tutorial.
– Listening to Cards in Media Player now very slightly increase their ease (since it acts as a sort of review)
– SRS interval timings tweaked to be less harsh


Jalup App 1.0.9 released. Stories and Situations now included within the app!


I created some new visuals to explain how the Jalup learning system works, because sometimes it isn’t the easiest thing to figure out what is going on with the method. This can be seen on the About page and the Store page now.

Jalup App 1.0.9 is about 80% finished. And with it will come Jalup Beginner Stories, Jalup Beginner Situations, Jalup Intermediate Stories, and Jalup Intermediate Situations. There will be plenty of samples for free users, and all of it will be included if you buy (or already bought) Jalup Beginner or Intermediate.


Jalup 1.0.8 Released!

– Learn & Review Card Peeking Function (Swipe back and forward between cards as you are learning or reviewing them. (Useful for when you make mistakes, when you want to connect cards, see what’s coming, or see what you’ve done)
– Individual Deck Resets Added (Now can reset any deck of your choice – for example if you don’t want to get reviews from it anymore or if you want to begin it over again)
– When you finish all the original reviews of a session, a message will let you know that you are now reviewing cards you just marked with an X
– Some design tweaks on tutorials


Jalup 1.0.7 Released – Critical bug fix for Jalup App.

An issue was causing the app to crash when some people tried to export their progress on an iPad. Everything should all be good to go.


Jalup 1.0.6 Released.

This is a minor update, with a lot of small improvements that will help things run faster in the future. I also fixed some coloring issues, a few small lingering bugs, and fixed the giant tutorial images stretching on the iPad version.


Jalup 1.0.5 Released!

Check out the details in this explanation post.


Jalup 1.0.5 is just right around the corner and it will introduce some new features I’m proud of: User Stats, Daily Roundup, and Review Monster.

Jalup Expert is currently in the works for both the Jalup App and Jalup NEXT. As I mentioned before, linking it is a painfully slow process, but it is in development now!


Jalup 1.0.4 released! With it comes Jalup Intermediate, Jalup Advanced, and the Jalup Maximum package.

The Jalup Store and the way all the products across the 3 platforms has gotten too bloated and confusing, so some major changes have been made. Both pricing and product line have been reformed.


1. Individual Anki stages (in groups of 250) have been completely removed. The only purchase option is now for a full level, which includes 1,000 cards.  If you were in the middle of buying individual stages (ex. you bought stages 1 and 2 of Jalup Beginner and need to buy the remaining 2), you will be able to purchase the remaining stages individually. Please send me an e-mail and I will provide you the remaining links.
2. Anki level packages no longer includes all of the bonus items (Situations, Stories, etc.)
3. Anki level packages have all been dropped down significantly in price to $99.99. This is to account for the bonus items being removed, the individual stage option removed, and the fact that Anki requires the least maintenance cost for me.
4. Jalup Expert has been split in half. The first half (1,000 cards) will continue to be called Expert. The second half (1,000 cards) has been renamed Jalup Hero. The split of these 2 is reflected in the pricing. The content has not been changed at all.
5. Jalup Immersion (stages 1-5) has been renamed Jalup Master, as it is a direct continuation off of Jalup Expert/Hero, and has confused people with its name. The content remains the same.
6. Jalup Maximum still remains exactly the same, and includes everything at the same price.

Jalup App

Jalup Expert is currently in development for the Jalup App. This will take longer than Intermediate and Advanced took, but it is coming. This will be followed by Jalup Hero, Jalup Master, etc.

Jalup Next

1. As Expert is being developed for Jalup App, it will also be developed for Jalup NEXT. So both will be released at the same time.
2. Jalup Next prices have been increased. This is to account for the rising costs of maintaining Jalup NEXT, and it being the most expensive of the 3 platforms to continue with.

As always, thanks for the continued support!


Jalup Intermediate, Jalup Advanced and the Maximum package will be included in the Jalup App on the next update (v1.0.4). It’s coming much sooner than you expect!


Jalup 1.0.3 released!

See a detailed post explaining speaking missions and what’s coming soon.

– Test your speaking ability with Speaking Missions!
– Level icon picture now changes every 2 or 3 levels (and “evolves” as you get higher level)
– Increase experience points per card based on how many times that card was marked correct
– Increase experience points earned for new card learns
– Removed “Level Rank,” because it doesn’t accurately represent the user’s real level.
– Total icon overhaul
– Hide back button to prevent confusion on returning from card links


Speaking Missions is taking a little bit longer than expected, but 1.0.3 is coming soon. In addition to this giant new feature, a lot of other small really cool things will be coming with it.


Jalup app 1.0.3 is going to introduce a really cool new feature called Speaking Missions. It’s going to be a way to interactively practice your speaking ability from what you’ve learned from the decks.

This is a big update that I’ve been working on, and I think will be very exciting when released :)


Jalup app 1.0.2 released:

New features:
– Kanji Kingdom – the 2300 cards that will help you master the kanji – has now been released.
– Combined Decks Reviews – Kana Conqueror now shows images
– Kana Conqueror images have been shrunken a bit to make better use of screen space


Jalup app 1.0.1 released:

New Features:
– Vacation Mode
– Card Accuracy Check
– Card Stats & Rankings
– Explanations added to confusing areas
– Gain experience points for listening
– Experience points restored with import


Jalup mobile app released for iOS! What is the Jalup App?


Jalup mobile announced – beta testing started