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  1. Sounds like a dream! I wish I used iOS products. I will look forward to the Android release.
    Best of luck with the testing and eventual release. It is definitely a BIG deal!

  2. Awesomeness has arrived. Highly excited for this! I have no doubt this will be deserving of full support, including getting the decks on the app also. Jalup forever.

  3. This is really cool! Definitely something I’ll invest in once I get the funds. Offline access is by far the coolest thing lol.

  4. “As a token of appreciation to paid users, I am offering a one-time ability to fully transfer your progress from the web app directly into the mobile app.“

    Is that offer available to Anki users?

    • If this is something at least a few people are interested in then yes. I will have to do a bunch of research on the way Anki sets up it’s card database, and figure out an easy way to extract the review data.

      But with a bit of time, I can set it up to transfer into the new mobile app.

      • I use Anki and I would definitely be interested!
        Thanks for all the work you do! It’s greatly appreciated!

          • This post has actually been updated significantly from the post a few weeks ago (I didn’t want to re-write the entire thing since it contains similar info). Now in this post includes info for Anki users wanting to switch over. So this is available.

  5. The app has so much going for it, especially offiline access as my internet isn’t the best and NEXT is frequently unusable. From a personal standpoint, I really don’t want to buy all the decks I already purchased again. However, I understand the reasoning behind the decision and you certainly deserve to be paid for the time and energy you have poured into these projects.

    Have you determined what the price point is going to be for decks inside the app?

    • I haven’t 100% decided the pricing point just yet, but it will be close to the Anki package prices in the item store. This is to account for the additional stuff that will be added in-app and the rather large percentage the app store takes.

  6. yay, though I’ll probably just continue with the web app…I really should get back to learning japanese as I have taken a pretty long break.

  7. Hi there, just started Jalup NEXT a few months ago (first time writing on the website) and I just wanted to say that I am very happy to hear the news. I would definitely be interested in moving over to the offline APP once it becomes available on Android since I spend a decent part of my day commuting with limited internet access.

    I also just wanted to mention that I am a QA Tester/Analyst (IT and Games Dev) by trade so I’d be more than happy to pitch in when it comes to the testing side of things once the app becomes available on Android.

    Good luck :D!

    • Hey Jonathan, welcome to Jalup!

      And thanks for the offer. When Android comes around, I will definitely be happy to have you join as a tester.

  8. Any eta on when you will add the rest of expert to the existing next? And will you ever add immersion too or are you just going to add that to the mobile app?

    I probably won’t get to it until the start of next year but just wondering.

    • No ETA just yet on Jalup Expert. However, success with the mobile app will allow content to be grown on both.

      So when I get to expert and Immersion, it will be added on both platforms.

    • I don’t want to give an ETA that I can’t keep, so right now all I can say is that I’m focusing on improving the overall app experience.

  9. Adam, when you say 5,500 J-J cards, does this mean:

    Jalup Intermediate: 1,000 cards
    Advanced: 1,000 cards
    Expert: 2,000 cards
    Total: 4,000 cards

    Where do the remaining 1,500 cards come from? Jalup Situations, Themes, and Immersion? Or somewhere else?

    • I think I may have to change the name of Jalup Immersion as it tends to confuse many people. It is just a direct continuation off of Jalup Expert, that happens to use specific immersion resources that you can follow along with. Maybe call it “Jalup Super Expert” :)

      Jalup Immersion is 1,500 cards that continue directly from Expert (technically the 6th stage hasn’t been released yet of 250 cards, but its rough draft has been ready for a while).

      • Adam, thanks for confirming that! So Jalup Immersion (aka Jalup Super Expert) is just the follow-up to Jalup Expert. Will Stage 6 be the last, to complete the final 1,500 cards after Jalup Expert?

        • I don’t really have a definite answer on whether Stage 6 will be the last. A lot will depend on the path Jalup goes as a whole. It might continue, it might turn into something else. I’m always working on something though.

  10. I won’t be getting this for right now (since I don’t have an Apple product), but still wanted to say thanks for all your dedication and hard work. You make learning Japanese way easier. :)

    • As mentioned in the post, Jalup NEXT will continue the way it has.

      However since Jalup NEXT website is a fully functional, complete service, the focus now is on the mobile app.

      • Understood on that point. Don’t get me wrong I love next and am relieved that we can keep using it as is. It is fully functional. I wish it had more expert cards, immersion, etc. but I am not ready for them quite yet anyhow.

        I think our point is that your focus is now on mobile at the expense of next. Instead of slowly adding features like vacation mode, expanding the explore tab, fixing bugs, adding more cards to buy, etc your time investment is on mobile instead.

        I get the reasoning and am not upset. Just disappointed as I had hoped there would at least be minor updates to next over time instead of a 100% frozen platform.

        Maybe there will be?!

      • If/when you create new decks, will you be able to make them available both in the mobile app and in Jalup Next? Hopefully yes. :)

  11. “You can always buy an iPad in the meantime :)” But then I’d have to keep buying iPads in order to use it over the years. Got one as a gift, and by the time I was ready to use it, it was obsolete and couldn’t even get on the app store.

  12. Hi Folks,

    Apparently, I’m really late to this party. I let life get into the way of Japanese. First and foremost, どもありがとうございます。

    This is awesome. I have a couple questions of folks that have used this longer than I.

    1) To sync between iPad and iPhone, I assume we export from one and import to the other. It’s not a big deal, just curious.
    2) More importantly, I’m currently using what came with the app, but I fully intend to get the max package. When I do, will it marry up with my progress, or will I have to start over?


    • Welcome. Yes back up on iPhone or iPad and import on the other. If you use iCloud it’s very seamless.

      Yeah once you upgrade to Max you can resume right from where you left off.

      Good luck have fun

  13. Downloaded and purchased maximum 1 January 2021. Thanks for the amazing product and hope to see it supported for a long time to come,

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