Jalup Mobile – Speaking Missions & Higher Level Decks — 9 Comments

  1. As an android user, my dilemma is what Apple device to get now =/

    I think picking up an old iPhone might be the cheapest option, but maybe getting an iPad might be more useful for other things as well?

    Still unsure =/

    • If you’re tight on a budget or would prefer to spend the least amount of money possible, I would highly recommend getting the iPad (2018) 32GB. iPads in general have excellent multi-window capabilities, say if you see a word in Jalup but also want to have a Japanese-English dictionary open on the other side of the screen for extra reference. The good thing about the iPad 2018 model is that it is compatible with the Apple Pencil. It will set you back 99 USD but you’ll be able to have Jalup open on one side of the iPad and then your note-taking app of choice on the other, ready to practice writing kanji. Of course, just having the iPad and a notebook and pen ready is also another solution but I think that once you get your hands on an iPad and discover its potential as you use it, you’ll not regret your purchase.

    • An older iPhone would work fine, but at the very least I’d pick up an iPhone 7. Currently they are on iPhone 8 & X, and this year September may be be releasing 9 or X1?

      I plan on fully utilizing the most recent iPhone technology (like AR), and whatever else comes on the way, so you wouldn’t want too old a version that won’t support new features.

      Amy brings up some great points about an iPad, so that is also something to consider.

      However, I think a small device is more suited towards the “2-minute Anki” technique, where you can easily pull it out of your pocket and do it for 2 minutes at a time. Since it is instant and requires no internet connection, this is a big plus.

      Also, the iPad version design of the app isn’t quite fully optimized just yet, and is more of an afterthought. So the size of things may occasionally appear smaller or larger than they should be for the iPad.

  2. Could you consider having the speaking separately priced? I am still going to use your Anki decks as already got from you but am interested in trying the speaking.

    • It’s a possibility having it separate in the future.

      One thing I’ve been considering (once I do some more missions) is releasing an Anki version. It wouldn’t be able to utilize voice recognition, but instead it could just have the possible answers in the answer field of each card. Would this interest you at all or are you specifically interested for the speech recognition functionality?

      • It’s possible to utilize speech recognition in Anki. Just add a {{type:}} field on the front of each card and use your microphone to fill it out.

  3. Probably wouldn’t do the Anki version as already have so many of your cards to do. I will check out the first part and see how I like it. It convinced me to download your app.

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