Jalup App – Guidebook — 28 Comments

  1. Great to have a guide to know all the features. And also nice to see from the iOS features what neat stuff is coming to Android with time!

  2. Thank you for the guide! I didn’t know about the goal setting or card searching features. Loving the app even more now! :D

    • Great :) I figured some features had slipped past some people because the features weren’t that obvious.

  3. I was wondering how the levels correlated. I also learned a few new things as well. Thanks for putting it together. Excited to see what the future holds.

  4. :D Awesome, i hope some of those nice iOs features soon come to pass on the Android.
    My most liked feature would be the Player, so i can listen to what ive studied while im doing something else like walking from a to b.

  5. I’m in love with the speaking and listening features. I find them to be very helpful. I hope there are more speaking missions on the way.

    • Eventually I’ll add a bunch more. My original plan was 20 per level, but that was a bit of an overly ambitious goal!

  6. Super excited about the app, need to save some for all card access though.. looking forward to the extra functionality as well from the iOS versions too.

    Def planning on using what I can in the meantime. Thank you!

  7. After using the app a few times now, I found that I miss one feature. I miss a way to undo my last review. It happened to me, that I accidently hot the big red button instead the button for a correct answer and simply couldn‘t find a way to change my answer. Is this feature already aviable and I only failed to find it ?

    Otherwise, I think this would be a usefull feature :)

    • Currently no. But it is definitely one of the most requested features, and will be added to a later update.

    • No it doesn’t, because really the One Deck is very outdated, and was never intended to work with the Jalup decks (the Jalup decks didn’t even exist when it was released).

  8. Is there any other way to solve the garbled text problem in Android? I already tried the suggested solution, but it still not work.

    • Can you e-mail me with the device you are using and the OS, so I can see if I can reproduce the problem? Thanks!

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