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  1. This makes me want to pick up my pace again with the Jalup Series so I can move on to this first experimental stage. To show my support I am going to pick it up right now even though I won’t be able to use it for 18 months (at my current pace of ten cards per day)

    • Actually, it will only take 12 months if I am religious about adding new cards every day, so by January 1st 2018 I should be especially ready for this, but will also be ready for it mid-way through this next summer when I finish Advanced. I will also be in Japan and could just buy these manga in person.

  2. Purchased :) This was a no-brainer.

    I’ve actually already read these manga but I really want to support this new series. It’s a very good idea and I think it will be super popular.

    You’re doing great work, Adam. Please keep doing what you’re doing and releasing awesome products.

    Happy New Year :)

  3. Awesome! I’ve just started Expert and, although I am doing immersion now, I was beginning to fear the day that I had to set sail alone into that vast frontier. I’ll definitely be getting this!

  4. This is a great idea, and although I have read most of these manga before, and have added a few thousand cards myself after Expert, I usually read manga without adding the words I read, so I am sure there will be plenty of cards to supplement my own with.

    No brainer for me :)

    • I have started using the cards now and so far they are even better than expected. I love the slang cards, as these can be quite tricky to figure out on my own, so they will be a great supplement to the my own cards.

  5. Seems like an easy buy to me. I’ve finished expert already but have had a tough time creating my own cards, so this is a life saver. I’m also looking forward to integrating my anki deck into jalup next someday. I’ve only heard good things about it and can’t wait to see where jalup goes in the future!

    Thanks for all your hard work Adam! It’s been life changing to say the least :D

  6. As others have said already this is a no-brainer. This is the perfect addition to the Jalup series and I can’t wait to get started!

  7. I’m interested in this idea, but I would be more likely to skip the manga one and get the novel/drama/anime ones. I’m not anywhere close to being finished with JALUP’s 5k though, so if you do the other types of media way down the road that’s fine with me. :)

  8. Easiest decision of the new year so far :D

    Haven’t started working through the cards yet but just glancing through them I agree with what Jesper said above: the slang cards are awesome. That’s some of the hardest stuff to look up or make good cards for on your own, I find.

  9. I just purchased Stage 1 and skimmed the Excel document; as usual, Adam has exceeded expectations with this deck. Buy it. Adam deserves as much support as we can give him in extending this deck series.

    Also, if you haven’t checked out Next yet, you are missing out. If we all support it, even by pledging just $1 or so a month through the Patreon link, the rewards will be huge. Check out the “Future Features & Development Goals” in the post “The Dawn of Jalup Next.”

    Adam’s plans for this platform will develop into, hands down, the most fun, efficient, and powerful method for reaching fluency. The card linking feature alone will save you hours of time and frustration when you switch from J-E to J-J cards.

  10. As I’m still buying the Expert stages and have limited funds, I can’t get this right now, but I definitely will in the future! Even if I’ve already been through the first volumes of some of these manga, I hate to look up and take note of unknown words while I read so this is right on point for me. Great idea!

  11. Purchased. Not quite ready to use these yet but I definitely want this series to continue and expand to dramas.

  12. Again, purchasing mine in advanced because I want to see this series continue. Just got stage 2.

    • I just realized something I don’t think Adam emphasized enough in why this is in fact a primer for immersion. For one, we are learning using different sentences than what are contained in the manga/native media. Then, here is where the immersion comes in (and I’m probably just saying the obvious, something I am really good at). After you learn the word, you read the free chapters available online to get exposure to the word again in a different sentence. Hence, the immersion… I know Adam said this would be the natural thing to do, read the manga I mean… but what I don’t think he emphasized enough is that this is the value of the immersion primer: being able to see the word again in a different context. This is why it worth buying these sentences: the ability to see them again in the manga, in a different context. Obviously, the slang is very valuable too. That alone makes these cards worth buying, but if you are in it for help in immersion, then obviously much of the value lies in reading the manga after you learn the words in this series of cards.

  13. Great idea and I went ahead and bought stage 2. Hope that it will continue. One idea I might suggest to get some more revenue is to add a link from your website where you can go to amazon directly and buy all the manga included in each level.

    Have you also considered instead of only adding the first volume from each series maybe going through and adding say all of the よつぼと volumes to a deck or did you figure that the subsequent volumes are similar enough to the first that there’s no need to do that?

    • Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into the linking think. As for adding all the volumes, a few reasons behind the way I’m doing it now.

      1. While there will be plenty of new stuff, each manga often has its own style of language use, so I’d like to introduce as many manga as I can.
      2. I like people getting to try new manga, and seeing that they can understand a wide range of manga.
      3. If it’s all Yotsubato, and someone doesn’t like Yotsubato, it’s not going to help them as much.
      4. I like the official free samples being able to fully be used with the material.

  14. Yussssss! Stage one was awesome, looking forward to getting started on stage two this very night!

  15. Is there any chance that 僕だけがいない街 will be in the running for one of these stages? I can understand very little of it, but it seems compelling! :D

    • I’ll have to take a look at it and see how difficult it is. I remember there being a lot of dialect, so it may be possible as a manga in later stages.

  16. I consider myself intermediate so I’m not yet ready for that kind of level!
    Yet it’s really exciting one day I’ll reach it and soon

  17. So glad you picked up 俺物語! Seriously I think that’s the perfect beginner manga, was the first thing I read all the way through (while in my beginner deck) and I have very fond memories of it.

    Can’t wait to see more of the series, and it’s wonderful for the JALUP community!

  18. Stage 3: purchased! The only downside is that now I’m behind… still have a good 50 cards to go on Stage 2. Guess I’d better get goin’!

  19. Buy these; they’re great!

    Bought Stage 2 last week and Stage 3, just now–Adam is a J output machine! :D

  20. Purchased. Can’t wait to get started. Probably Jan. 1st 2018. This means I plan on completing expert by the end of the year.

    • Yes. It assumes knowledge of Jalup Expert but claims that you might get something out of it if you start it after Jalup Advanced. (Everything after Jalup Beginner is J-J)

  21. Man, c’mon! You released stage 4 the day after I finished stage 3?! Always keepin’ me busy… :D

  22. I think this is a really good idea. I might get one of the stages after I’ve done intermediate. You know what would be a really good idea for another immersion type deck? RPGs. I’ve tried to make decks from scripts for Ocarina of Time, FF6/3, and Persona, and someone has done one of Chrono trigger, but its just so much information… I tried putting the Persona one through a word frequency processor to find the most useful words for playing the game, but unlike you, no-one’s gonna pay me to sift through that. They’re so long tho, it might not be realistic.

    J-drama ones sounds good too but I have methods with which I can create those. A mixture of substosrs and morphman addons and you’re golden. As long as you can find japanese subs. Novels would pobably be an awesome idea tho, that I would probably end up buying the whole of. Manga I can deal with, even when I’ve been reading text-heavy series like Detective Conan and Seinen like Gantz:G recently, but when there’s no pictures and I have to look up so many words I instantly give up. But I did a course on Modern Japanese Literature recently and there’s things I want to read in the original Japanese.

    • Fingers-crossed Jalup NEXT grows and you will be able to sell your own decks in the future NEXT store. Until then, I feel your pain. I want to make themed decks based on the new things I try to learn through Japanese, like a Surfing deck which teaches about ocean tides, waves, and wind and air pressure, and all that crazy surfing slang. The thing is, it is so difficult for me right now and without a pay off like you said, it seems I am better off putting my time elsewhere.

        • Right now I am in Onjuku, a city in the Chiba prefecture and there are a ton of surfing shops and I see quite a few surfers out when I go to the beach. I’m just starting to learn myself. Onjuku beach is known for being a great place for beginners to learn how to surf. I recommend checking it out if you are interested. As far as if there is a big surfing culture, I don’t know. I’m just starting to get into surfing and have nothing to compare this experience to.

  23. I wish I could buy Stage 5 instantly. My budget is shot, but will be getting these ASAP. I’m gonna get started on Jalup Immersion come winter break.

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