Why you Should be Watching Tokai On-Air Right Now — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I never heard of these guys. I’m really enjoying it. Of course, I cannot understand most of what’s going on. We’ll all get there one day. :)

    • The good thing about a lot of their videos is even if you don’t understand the Japanese, the humor is quite visual.

  2. I really love the the final fantasy 15 parody they did, definitely their best work.

    I’m quite into Japanese Youtube, but my favourite by a long stretch is PDRsan, he’s amazing. Been watching him since I started Japanese, very liberating to watch my understanding of his character grow in conjunction with my Japanese level XD

    He’s also great for getting an insight into the strange yet curious politics of Youtube Japan, in particular, UUUM. If you’re a frequenter of JP youtube, you’ll know exactly what I”m talking about.

    Seto koji, Tomikku(a youtube fishmonger), mahoto, and hikkakin/seikin(he’s essentially the teletubbies of japan). Hajime is still OK but after his whole scandal, I think I much rather Sushiramen(plus his experiments are a million times better).

    SO I have to admit, I died laughing on Hajime’s video last night when they had a Sudden Death Sauce (super hot chilli sauce) competition and it lead to one of the participants projectile vomiting in the sink.

    • Thanks for adding in all those recommendations. A great list to start anyone with the awesome JP YouTube world!

  3. On the first video (video number 5), when they gave out the hairband as the first prize, shouldn’t it be 1位の賞 and not 1位の証 as they wrote on the video caption?

    • It’s correct the way it is. The reading for 証 here is あかし, not しょう, which is what I think might be confusing you.

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