Celebrating Japanese School Lunch Day

If anything deserved celebration (お祝い), it would definitely be school lunch (給食). There is a school lunch national holiday (学校給食記念日) on 12/24, which is perfect because I don’t believe there really is anything else going on around that time. But one day isn’t enough, so a month later from 1/24, there is a full school lunch week (全国学校給食週間).

So what festivities could possibly be held during this time of wonder?

Celebrating Japanese School Lunch Day 2

Well… there is time spent over the meaning and purpose of school lunches. To deepen the understanding of school lunch. To become one with school lunch.

And if you aren’t feeling the emotion and passion that comes from such a momentous occasion, here is a thrilling Japanese school lunch slide show of some of the most impressive (印象的) school lunches out there to help spur on your school lunch cheer.

Does school lunch deserve its own holiday? Annoyed that it was pushed forward a month just because there was another major holiday that got in its way?

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