English Beginner-Man: Becoming A Hero

English Beginner-Man (EXACTLY!英語ビギナーマン) is a Jalup manga based on the real life of Jun, the “eternal English beginner,” who battles with English in his daily life. From the perspective of a Japanese person who can’t speak English, I will show how to face English, and all the feelings I’ve had towards learning it. Using the power of desire to speak English, Jun becomes a super hero.


Episode 1: With Small Interest Comes Great Difficulty

The English Beginner-With Small Interest Comes Great Difficulty - Japanese -

English show

Episode 2: A Hero’s Nemesis

English Beginner Man - A Hero's Nemesis - Japanese

English show

Episode 3: First Contact

English Beginner-Man 3 First Contact JP

English show

Episode 4: A New Hero Appears

English Beginner-Man 4 - A New Hero Appears JP

English show

Episode 5: Meeting Atsugiri Jason

Beginner Man 5 - Atsugiri Jason - JP

English show

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Junichi Okuhara
Manga artist and in constant battle with learning English. See his eternal struggles appear in visualized form as he tries to share whatever knowledge he can with those who have shared in his pain.
Junichi Okuhara

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English Beginner-Man: Becoming A Hero — 29 Comments

    • 読んでいただいてありがとうございました!

  1. 僕の始めて日本人と話してみた時もそんな感じでしたねww

    確かに緊張がまだすっかり消えてないんですがどんどん減っているから大丈夫だと思います ^_^

    • コメントありがとうございます!今回の第三話は、リアル時系列に直すと、大体2年は前の実話なのです。

  2. 面白い!

    • このカバーイラスト(と思って私は描いています)は、3コマ目登場のアナです。彼女は実在の友達です。
      英語ビギナーマンのマスクを着けています^^ コメントありがとうございます!

  3. そのアナさんのHELLOは虹の色で面白かった。英語ビギナーマンのイメージチャラはカッコイイとおもうwww「俺みたいな」。もっと作ってください。

    • 英語ビギナーマンから見て、初めてのアメリカ人の言うHELLOはとても輝いて聞こえたようです!

    • ありがとうございます!

    • すみません、気づくのを遅れてしまいました!!
      ありがとうございます!もしよかったらfacebookでEnglish beginner-manを検索してくださいね!

  4. Haha, just discovered this series, great work. The art style for both the serious moments and funny moments is nice. The interesting part is, much of these situations are the same to me and the Japanese language too. Hope you will continue in the future o/

    Also, loved the “alternate reading” of 酒の勢い XD

    • Thank you for a comment!! I’m so sorry being late to reply:(
      I’m glad to hear that and you liked my works thank a lot! And yes we have feeling same as other languages learners you know.
      Actually,I made this series for Japanese people who learning English first but I just thought that those could help other countries people who learning Japanese!! We are not different I guess.
      And I think that my favorite point also 酒の勢い(レッドリリー)desuyo! lol

      Yeeeesss I’d love to draw next episodes if I possible! :)

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