Kanji Hunt Quiz

I know you love to stare at kanji all day long. Hours upon hours of a never ending gaze at those beautiful little symbols that create a mountain of meaning.

Well how about turning that staring into a game? One that people love to seem to play on Twitter.

1. Take a kanji.
2. Repeat it dozens of time in multiple row.
3. Stick in one extremely similar (酷似) kanji into the mix
4. Have people find the one kanji that stands out.

Sound easy?

It’s just kanji after all. How hard could it be to pick out?

Let’s find out:

How are your eyes feeling?

Refreshed? Were you able to complete them all?

You can find these all over Twitter, but this one channel has a lot.

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Kanji Hunt Quiz — 12 Comments

  1. Managed to get them all, though I looked away a few times. Strangely, looking away and then looking again seemed to cause me to lock onto the different one every time.

  2. Aah, my eyes! For some reason it became a lot easier after I ate dinner, yay nourishment. I can’t help but notice how none of them are on first or last lines.

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