Should you Live in Japan Forever? — 7 Comments

  1. Great advice, I will take this into consideration if I feel that way once I eventually get to Japan to work. I think teaching English there is a great entry point. Do you have any advice or know of any people’s experience in relation to finding other jobs than teaching English in Japan? Or did anyone you know start off with teaching English there and then branch out into a different career path?

  2. I’m also wanting some more answers, I read the two articles about time-part job and did my own research but I still have a lot of doubts so I guess that would be good to have some advice from someone who already walked that patch

  3. I really don’t know if my questions will get answered. So here is the whole story… so I am in High School and I am 14. I have been studying Japanese since I was 13 years old. When I was 13 I was a beginner at it. I bought a ton of books; the basics, beginner, essential, intermediate, advanced and reading and writing. I could read Hiragana and got that down in a sinch. Katakana was harder but I learned 5 a day and conquered it. I got my own private teacher who teached me a lot and constantly gave me things. I studied the workbooks a lot, always spoke in Japanese and wrote in Japanese. I am an intermediate now and I study 10 kanji a day I also watch J-pop. However, my parents and friends hate the idea of me in Japan…. I have A’s & B’s but it is still hard with them constantly yapping about how it is “impossible” to get a job in Japan. When will I be fluent business level? I am studying very hard. I am right now in high school taking a Japanese culture club. In college I plan to take a Japanese minor and take Japans history and advanced language. I plan to take a health major or science major. I want to get a batchelor or masters degree. I learned Japanese manners and health. I want to take a JLPT and pass N2 or N1 and land a high paying job in Japan. A job such as a nurse or docter

    • I think you should relax a little and stop worrying about your future so much. Just worry about your short term goals for now and the rest will follow. I understand you’re only 14 years old and you have a lot of ambition. But your goals and feelings will naturally evolve over the next 4-5 years, so don’t make the big decisions yet. Though never lose your dreams, they’re what drive you. Just don’t set anything in stone, there’s no point and it’ll lead to disappointment if you make your targets too lofty.

      I don’t know what your pocket money looks like or if you’re working. Assuming you have no money (I was dead broke at your age) maybe look into the core 2000 deck on ankishared (google it). Try and add as many cards as you can a day from that ( I recommend between 10-30, but don’t let it affect your schooling). After you’ve finished that deck, you can switch to J-J. If you make it that far I can help you specifically get into it, in a way that won’t be too difficult to comprehend at your age.

      However, I think you should try and complete either the core 2000 anki deck, or the JALUP beginner on this website if you have money. If you can afford to buy the maxed out package, it’s very good and comes with everything you need to get you half way there to fluency (Much past intermediate). If you combine that with speaking and immersion your Japanese level will be quite high.

      Let me know if you need anything else clarified.

      core deck 6000 info

      • Here is the core 6000 deck if you need it, I don’t recommend you complete it all if you ever plan on going pure Japanese (no english definitions). I recommend doing the first 1000-2000 before making that change, if you choose to do so. Otherwise, feel free to finish the entire deck.

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