Exploring Past Japanese Cultural Trends — 8 Comments

  1. This is really awesome! Thanks for sharing. It’ll be really interesting exploring this site. And it is extremely relevant for my minor in Japanese studies. We just went over コギャル not too long ago in my Japanese culture class and watched Kogal Bounce, and much of the fashion found in the 90s section was featured in the movie.

    A lot of the things I grew up with, being a 90s kid, were from Japan, I just got them through a filter of what is licensed in America and later release dates, so I’ve been able to relate to people in Japan who are a little older than me. Which is perfect, since my husband is a little older than me.

    Now a nanny, I’ve been sharing so much of what I grew up with from Japan with the little girl I watch, with addition to other newer things we find. She’s watching ドラえもん (without subs) and loves it, which is something I never saw as a kid but a big part of Japanese culture. She loves 志村動物園. She prefers the older generation of Pokemon to the newer. She’s also reading manga in Japanese. Her connection to Japan is already growing.

    • It’s really great that little kids these days get to experience other cultures with absolute ease like this.

      Enjoy going through the site. It’s a lot of fun.

  2. Oh man, it’s so true that you assume that you have a different childhood than them, but I recognized all of the things you showed in this post haha. It’s so awesome to realize this!

  3. Ah! This is great. Thanks for sharing! I have a feeling I’m going to spend a lot of time getting lost on that site.

  4. Great website. I’ve been searching(not very hard or extensive… or at all, mainly just thinking そんなのサイトがあるならいいかなぁ) for a website like this.

    Also unrelated. I’m really feeling the new banner. It’s full of win.

    • Well I’m happy this solved what you were or weren’t searching for.

      Thanks on the banner. We’ve been developing this and one more for a while, and are probably going to hold a vote on the two.

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