About Adam

Founder of Jalup. Spends most of his time absorbing and spreading thrilling information about learning Japanese. On a quest to become 日本語王 (king of the Japanese language).

Manzai Gang – Chasing the Comedian Dream

Manzai is the pinnacle of Japanese understanding. It’s fast. It’s full of nonstop slang. It often has overwhelming Osaka dialect. It’s non-visual. And it’s full of puns, word-plays and cultural references. Add all of this together and it’s not exactly easy for Japanese learners. But once you get there… it’s great. I love manzai, so hearing a movie titled Manzai Gang (漫才ギャング) has at least half … Continue reading

The Split-Second Decision to Study Japanese

You’re going to be studying Japanese a long time. Whatever number you are thinking, double it… no triple it. The decision to learn Japanese: you’d assume that such a major decision that affects your life for years to come would require a lot of thought. Weeks and maybe months would go into figuring whether Japanese was right for you. Is learning a foreign language worth it? … Continue reading

A Year in Studying: 2016 Japanese Goal Compilation

明けましておめでとうございます! Happy New Year! Every month in 2016 we had a Japanese goal achievement post, where people shared what they wanted to accomplish. This is my favorite series as I think everyone seeing what everyone else is doing is both great motivation and a powerful resource. All of 2016’s post comments have been compiled below. The comments are all on one page to make it easier … Continue reading

Jalup Immersion: Stage 1

It’s been almost 2 years since I completed Jalup Expert, the final piece to the 5,000 card sentence series to take you as far into the land of fluency as possible. Currently, its form is continuing to evolve on Jalup NEXT. I’m extremely happy with how the original series turned out, and I appreciate all the continued support I had received then and still do now. I had said that … Continue reading

Japan’s Realistic Fake Cats

I was talking to Yumeno-san (the art creator on Jalup) recently about cats. This is what we do… He brought up in the conversation a friend who makes cats. “Your friend makes cats?” “Yes, ultra realistic looking fake cats out of sheep wool. You can’t tell they aren’t real.” Well, I had to know more. Japan (a.k.a the “kingdom of cats”), has no shortage of cat ideas. Cats are found … Continue reading

The Dawn of Jalup NEXT

The best method to become a Japanese master is the one that efficiently and enjoyably gets you where you want to be before the thought of giving up ever crosses your mind. Here, we don’t learn Japanese; we play it. It’s a challenging series of puzzles, created one sentence at a time. I had created a series of online flash card sentence decks with the … Continue reading