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Founder of Jalup. Spends most of his time absorbing and spreading thrilling information about learning Japanese.

Achieving Your Japanese Goals – May 2017

We all have goals, big and small. Things get in the way, preventing you from achieving them. Not any more. This time you are going to win. Task Write down specific goals you want to achieve for the month of May Initial Instructions Leave a comment by May 1st and include: 1. Your specific goal(s) 2. Resources you will use 3. Game plan/strategy Completion Instructions Reply to your … Continue reading

You just Utterly Failed your First Japanese Conversation

You’ve been studying at home for several months, getting down all the pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. You’ve been feeling good with your progress and can grasp more and more complex concepts. You enjoy a bit of Japanese TV and books. While still far away, you can start to taste that delicious Japanese ability. But you haven’t had a conversation with anyone yet! You’ve … Continue reading

Should you do Multiple Japanese Decks Simultaneously?

You have a lot to learn. You have a lot of Japanese decks to conquer. Early on, you are confronted with a simple question: Should I work on one deck at a time, until I finish, and then move onto the next? Or should I do multiple decks at the same time, moving forward simultaneously through them all? Tough choice to make as a beginner, right? Decks … Continue reading

5 Current Japanese Podcasts I Love Listening To

I don’t think I’ve ever once talked about Japanese podcasts on this site. They exist, and they exist in abundance. I have my favorites, and I tend to stick with them. I’m quite picky with my podcasts; they have to be interesting, high quality, contain unique information, and match my interests exactly. I recently introduced you to what variety shows I was watching right now. Next … Continue reading

Introduction to Jalup NEXT

Jalup NEXT is the new Japanese learning web application developed by Japanese Level Up, that was released in early 2017. Many new and old users have been switching over to it, or wanting to try it out, so I thought I would create a proper introduction of what it is all about. Origins At the end of 2013 on Japanese Level Up, I started a textbook … Continue reading

Is it Better to Set your Language Goals Low or High?

We set goals. That’s life. That’s Japanese learning. When we set goals, we want to achieve them. That’s their purpose. While accomplishing a goal is of utter importance, how you actually set a goal can change everything. Do you set your goals high or do you set them  low, and which is going to yield the greatest rewards? The Grand Goals Before getting into high/low goals, … Continue reading

Anki to Jalup NEXT Conversion

You’ve worked hard on your Anki decks. You want to try Jalup NEXT, but the thought of losing all your review progress sounds pretty terrible. It’s time to change that. You now have the ability to upload your Anki deck to Jalup NEXT, and have all the progress transferred over. This was a complex feature to create because Jalup Next works differently than Anki. We tried … Continue reading

Recall or Produce? The Way of the Flashcard

See a sentence: Repeat that sentence out loud. Use your memory to understand (recall) that sentence. Then optionally write that sentence. Rinse and repeat. This is the recall method style of learning, and what you see here on the Jalup decks. This is great for those who want to listen and watch and read Japanese. What about when you want to actually produce your own … Continue reading