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Founder of Jalup. Spends most of his time absorbing and spreading thrilling information about learning Japanese.

Using Audible Japan to Shadow and Immerse in Japanese

Where there is a new Japanese immersion source, I will go… Audible is Amazon’s audio book service. It  started about 2 years ago in Japan, and it provides unlimited Japanese audio books for your listening pleasure. It took me a while to get around to check it out, because I couldn’t think why I would need it. I already had enough podcasts, video streaming services, and … Continue reading

Should I Study Vocabulary in Addition to Jalup Beginner?

Interesting fact about the Jalup deck series here on this site: you learn more about pens, Suzuki-san, and apples than any other Japanese learner course in existence. Why? Because Jalup Beginner doesn’t focus on vocabulary. It works with the bare minimum, carefully building your grammar. But who needs grammar? You want vocabulary, right? You may start thinking that you’ll need to add in a little … Continue reading

Jalup Updates – Goals, Search, Audio, and More

A new round of updates about what’s going on here right now. Jalup Next Some major features have been implemented: 1. Search function: You can now search through your sentences when browsing through a deck. Just input some Japanese and any card where that Japanese appears will show up. Useful for practicing specific words/grammar. 2. Goals feature: set goals for when you want to finish … Continue reading

Jalup Immersion (Stage 2 Released)

It’s been almost 2 years since I completed Jalup Expert, the final piece to the 5,000 card sentence series to take you as far into the land of fluency as possible. I’m extremely happy with how the original series turned out, and I appreciate all the continued support I had received then and still do now. I had said that this was the end of the sentence series. … Continue reading

I Understand the Words, but not the Sentence

All Japanese learning starts off the same. Simple sounds become simple words. Simple words become simple sentences. Simple sentences become not so simple sentences. In the beginning, confidence flows like a river. When you get used to confidence, you expect things to be that way forever. Very few people have trouble learning “hello” or “good morning” or “this is a pen.” But slowly start combining … Continue reading

An Overdose of Japanese Learning Positivity

Work hard, and you’ll be rewarded with language domination. Practice Japanese every day, and you’ll achieve your dreams. You can and will do this. All you need to do is open the door to Japanese greatness. Ever heard something like this? Here for example? Positivity towards language learning is of utter importance. You need to keep yourself motivated to study, and being positive about the … Continue reading

Jalup Next Group Explorer Map

Ever wanted to explore Japan? Of course. Are you working hard mastering the Japanese language on Jalup NEXT? You might as well start exploring Japan while you’re at it. The Explorer Map is our brand new gamification feature on Jalup NEXT. As you earn experience points for learning and reviewing cards, you gain explorer flags. With those flags, you explore each of Japan’s 47 prefectures. … Continue reading