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Founder of Jalup. Spends most of his time absorbing and spreading thrilling information about learning Japanese.

Jalup Next Group Explorer Map

Ever wanted to explore Japan? Of course. Are you working hard mastering the Japanese language on Jalup NEXT? You might as well start exploring Japan while you’re at it. The Explorer Map is our brand new gamification feature on Jalup NEXT. As you earn experience points for learning and reviewing cards, you gain explorer flags. With those flags, you explore each of Japan’s 47 prefectures. … Continue reading

Keeping the End in Sight

Big numbers scare. When you hear you have 2000+ kanji to learn, what’s your approach? Ready, set, go!? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… Just thinking about how much more you have left to do can make your eyes spin. 1,000 J-E sentences? A big headache. A backlog of 500 reviews? You know the pain. When your task seems like it’ll never end, … Continue reading

Jalup Anki Decks – Massive Version Upgrade

It’s been long overdue. The Jalup Anki decks started in 2013. While they have continually been updated and upgraded over the years, going through them through scratch on Jalup NEXT allowed me to really re-invent them, in a way I couldn’t do before. So what’s new? I’ll break down the updates by deck: Kana Conqueror 1. Audio is completely redone and in high quality. 2. … Continue reading

Visiting the Filming Locations of your Favorite Japanese TV Shows

Looking for a unique way to travel around Japan? Love Japanese TV and always wondered where some of it was filmed? 全国ロケ地ガイド (The Japanese Filming Location Guide) is a website that will accomplish both goals. Let’s say you loved the TV show 結婚できない男 (The Man who Can’t get Married), which I happened to just re-watch again recently. While you are in Japan you want to create … Continue reading

Searching Through a New Season of Anime and J-drama

Just when you’ve had your fill of new anime and J-drama, one TV season ends, and the next begins. There’s always a string of new TV shows coming out. Some bad. Some good. Some great. However, when you have a dozen or so new shows released every few months, you have to do some sorting. You can’t watch them all. You wouldn’t want to watch them … Continue reading

Is Learning Japanese Hard or Easy? The Truth…

All over the internet is the phrase “learning Japanese is easy! You can do it too!” Then all over the rest of the internet is “learning Japanese is hard. Be ready for a long trip through hell!” I’ve talked about the benefits of taking both sides of this argument. One pushes you into the positive mindset, keeping you optimistic as you move forward. The other … Continue reading