The Future Of Human Evolution – Manga Style

You all know evolution theory (進化論). Ape (猿人) becomes primitive man (原人). Primitive man becomes modern day man (現代人). We have a pretty good idea of where we came from, but what’s the next step? It can’t just all end here. Does Japan have the answer?

Of course. Japan has the answer to everything.

Of course. Japan has the answer to everything.

And if you’ve ever read shounen manga, you’ve already seen it coming. Think to the major manga out there: Dragon ball, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece. What do they all have in common (共通点)?

200 chapters more than they really needed?

No. I mean yes. But more importantly.

Man evolves into some form of super being (超人).

And here is how it looks:

The Future Of Human Evolution - Japanese Manga Style

Is this in every elementary school textbook in Japan across the country?


But will it be eventually?

I think we all know the answer to that.

(Hint: yes)

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The Future Of Human Evolution – Manga Style — 4 Comments

  1. (超)笑 Of course we can all assume that being well versed in Japanese is an important part of becoming a 超人?

  2. Turns out that whether we come from Neanderthal or not is up to debate. One hypothesis (which may be more likely) is that we share a common ancestor, rather than 原人 being an ancestor of ours.
    Source: high-school biology textbook
    Post-Script: Nice website, by the way.

    • Haha, apparently I didn’t know the full depth of evolution theory and the implications of using the word neanderthal. I changed the word to “primitive man” in the post (as that is really the more proper definition for 原人 anyway). The unquestionable part was referring to evolution itself, not the exact specifics of the path humanity has come from.

      But I’ll take a science lesson out of a bad joke (of mine) any day!

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